What is a penny flight?

What is a penny flight?

A relatively new development in the travel industry, these “one-cent flights” are actually a bidding business model that auctions off flights with a starting bid of one cent and often allows customers to book flights for a simple pocket change.

Which airline is cheaper than alcohol?

Top 10 cheapest airlines

Rank Airline company Cost per mile
1. Spirit Airlines $0
Is Spirit always cheaper at the airport?

Whatever day you go to the airport and physically buy at the counter, it is the best day to buy Spirit Airlines tickets. In this case, it only applies to online bookings, so buying a Spirit ticket at the airport counter is actually cheaper than booking online.

How do you get a penny fare?

There are two ways to find out when Penny Fares are available: You can show up at the counter at the airport with several dates in mind and simply ask the agents at the Spirit counter if Penny Fares are available on those dates.

Where can I buy a Spirit Airlines flight?

What most people don’t know about Spirit Airlines is that they run a program called “Penny Fares” where a flight costs just that – a penny! These flights can only be purchased at Spirit airport counters and are not available online.

When do you get your money back from Spirit Airlines?

Don’t book a ticket at the last minute thinking you can get your money back within 24 hours if your plans change. Like other airlines, Spirit has a 24-hour risk-free cancellation window. Unlike other airlines, however, the policy does not apply to tickets booked less than seven days before travel, i.e. last-minute travel.

How much does a penny plane ticket cost?

When you purchase a “Penny Fare” flight, the ticket price will be listed as $0.01 (penny) and approximately $15 in taxes will be added to the final bill each way. I’ve used this nonstop program for the past year to get $30 round-trip tickets from Portland to Los Angeles for myself, all of my friends, and family!

How to save money flying with spirit?

Here are some tips for saving money when flying with Spirit: Buy your tickets at the counter at the airport. Online registration. Bring only one “personal item”. Baggage check-in in advance. Don’t choose your seats. Bring your own drinks and snacks. Avoid all upsells.