What is Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi?

Asiana Airlines is one of the major airlines in Asia, offering flights to over 80 destinations worldwide. Asiana offers several fare classes on their flights, including Economy Flexi – a discounted economy class ticket that provides added flexibility and options for travelers. This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi tickets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi is a discounted economy class fare that offers perks like free date changes and refunds.
  • It provides flexibility to modify flight dates and times with no change fees.
  • Baggage allowance, advance seat selection, airport lounge access, and mileage accrual are included.
  • Eligible routes are primarily within Asia but some flights to Europe and North America can be booked with Economy Flexi.
  • Tickets must be purchased at least 3 days before departure date.
  • Economy Flexi comes with some restrictions like no same-day flight changes or standby.
  • It’s ideal for travelers who want economy seating but need the ability to make date modifications without penalties.

What is Economy Flexi Exactly?

Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi is a special discounted economy class fare for select international routes that offers added flexibility and benefits over regular economy tickets. It is essentially Asiana’s version of a basic economy fare.

Some key features of Economy Flexi include:

  • Discounted economy pricing – Economy Flexi fares are priced lower than standard economy or “Flex” economy fares. The discount can range from 10-30% off depending on route and dates.
  • Free date changes – Passengers can change flight dates and times for free, with no change fees applied. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Refundable tickets – Economy Flexi tickets are refundable to the original form of payment, though refund fees and fare differences may apply.
  • Advance seat selection – Passengers can reserve preferred economy class seats in advance for free.
  • 1 checked bag included – The standard free checked baggage allowance for international economy flights applies.
  • Airport lounge access – Can access Asiana Airlines lounges by paying a reduced fee as an Economy Flexi passenger.
  • Mileage accrual – Miles can be earned and credited to Asiana Club or partner frequent flyer accounts.

In summary, Economy Flexi provides an affordable economy class option with some valuable perks for schedule changes, making it appealing for budget-conscious travelers who want extra flexibility.

Eligible Routes for Asiana Economy Flexi

Asiana Airlines offers Economy Flexi fares on a selection of popular international routes within Asia and connecting Asia to other regions. Here are some of the major routes where Economy Flexi can be booked:

  • Flights within South Korea and select cities in Japan and China
  • Flights from Korea to Asian destinations like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore
  • Flights from Korea to cities in Europe including London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Rome
  • Flights from Korea to North America destinations such as Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Toronto
  • Regional flights within Asia like Seoul to Tokyo or Beijing to Shanghai
  • Some connecting flights through Seoul or other Asian hubs

Asiana is expected to expand the number of routes and destinations eligible for Economy Flexi fares in the future. Travelers can check availability on the Asiana Airlines website or via online travel booking platforms when searching for flights. Regional connections within Asia offer the most options for Economy Flexi.

Pros and Cons of Asiana Economy Flexi

As with any flight fare class and airline, there are both advantages and potential drawbacks to consider when booking an Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi ticket:


  • Lower fares than regular economy or flex economy
  • Free date and schedule changes
  • Refundable tickets
  • Advance seat selection
  • Lounge access for a fee
  • Mileage accrual


  • Limited fare availability
  • Doesn’t include extra amenities like premium economy
  • No complimentary upgrades
  • No same-day flight changes
  • Not combinable with some promotional fares
  • Regional Asia routes have the most availability

For many leisure and budget travelers flying economy, the pros of lower fares and schedule flexibility outweigh the cons. Frequent fliers may want to compare mileage accrual and lounge access policies to their status.

Booking Requirements and Conditions

There are some requirements and restrictions travelers should be aware of when booking Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi fares:

  • Advance purchase – Tickets must be booked at least 3 days prior to the departure date.
  • Minimum stay – Economy Flexi requires a minimum 3-day stay at destination, including arrival and departure dates.
  • Standby not permitted – Same-day flight changes without a fee are not allowed.
  • Combinable fares – Economy Flexi cannot be combined with some other discount economy promo fares.
  • Refunds and changes – Changes incur any fare differences. Refunds are allowed with a fee applied.
  • Seat selection – Advance seat selection is complimentary. Seats are not guaranteed until check-in.
  • Baggage fees – Regular checked bag fees apply for any additional bags beyond the standard allowance.
  • Eligible routes – Economy Flexi is only offered on select Asia/Europe/North America routes.

Being aware of the booking terms helps travelers confirm if Economy Flexi meets their needs before purchasing tickets. Checking seat maps to select seats in advance is also advised.

Making Date Changes to Economy Flexi Tickets

One of the biggest perks of Asiana’s Economy Flexi is the ability to change flight dates and times free of airline change fees. Here are key things to know about modifying Economy Flexi tickets:

  • Free date changes – Date/time changes can be made for free, only fare differences apply.
  • 24 hour policy – Changes must be made at least 24 hours before the original scheduled departure.
  • Same origin/destination – Origin and destination airports must remain the same.
  • Rebooking the same class – Can only be rebooked into the same Economy Flexi class, no cabin upgrades.
  • Refunds allowed – If the new flight is cheaper, the fare difference is refunded.
  • Via Asiana channels – Changes are best handled directly through Asiana’s website, airport counters or call center.
  • Limited availability – New flight dates/times are subject to Economy Flexi availability.

With Economy Flexi, Asiana offers a level of change flexibility that can give travelers peace of mind after booking and help avoid expensive change fees down the road.

Baggage Allowance and Other Features

Beyond flexible scheduling, Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi also comes with other features and allowances:

  • Checked bags – The standard free checked baggage allowance for international economy routes applies. This is typically 1 or 2 bags up to 23kg each.
  • Carry-on bag – One carry-on bag plus a small personal item are permitted.
  • Seat selection – Complimentary advance seat selection from available economy seats.
  • Airport lounge – Can purchase discounted access to Asiana Club airport lounges.
  • Frequent flyer miles – Miles can be earned with Asiana Club and Star Alliance partners.
  • In-flight meals – Regular economy meal service is included.
  • In-flight entertainment – Complimentary entertainment options via seatback screens or personal devices.

While it doesn’t have all the amenities of premium classes, Economy Flexi includes the regular features expected of economy seating on an international airline.

Comparing Economy Flexi to Other Asiana Fare Types

It is useful to compare Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi to other fare class options offered by Asiana:

Economy “Flex”

  • Higher standard economy fares with maximum flexibility for changes.
  • Much more expensive than Economy Flexi.
  • Permits same-day flight changes.

“Lite” Basic Economy

  • Asiana’s restrictive basic economy fare.
  • Lower priced than Economy Flexi but no free changes allowed.
  • Advance seat selection not included.
  • Strict baggage policies.
  • Only earn 25% base miles.

First/Business Class

  • Premium seats and services like lay-flat beds and fine dining.
  • Most costly fare types.
  • Airport lounge access included.
  • Maximum baggage allowance and mileage earnings.
  • Top flexibility for making ticket changes.

Overall, Economy Flexi strikes a solid balance between discounted economy fares and a moderate level of schedule flexibility that sets it apart from Asiana’s other options.

Tips for Booking Asiana Economy Flexi Fares

Here are some useful tips for travelers looking to book Economy Flexi tickets on Asiana Airlines flights:

  • Book early to secure discounted fares and desired flight times.
  • Be flexible with travel dates if possible to get the lowest prices.
  • Read all fare rules carefully to confirm Economy Flexi eligibility.
  • Check seat maps after booking to pick preferred economy seats.
  • Take advantage of free date changes by rebooking if plans shift.
  • Avoid same-day flight changes which are not permitted.
  • Consider trip insurance in case of major disruptions or cancellations.
  • Sign up for mileage programs to earn miles on flights.
  • Download Asiana’s mobile app for easy access to bookings and flight alerts.
  • Bring a copy of fare rules when traveling as proof of Economy Flexi benefits.

Booking in advance, understanding the fare thoroughly, picking good seats, and leveraging free rebooking when needed can help travelers maximize the advantages of Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asiana Economy Flexi

Here are answers to some common questions travelers have about Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi fares:

Can I get an economy flexi upgrade to premium economy or business class?

No, Asiana does not allow free upgrades from Economy Flexi to higher classes. You would need to book a more expensive fare to secure an upgrade.

What is the baggage allowance on economy flexi tickets?

The standard free checked bag allowance for international economy routes applies, which is typically 1 or 2 bags up to 23kg each depending on the destination.

Do economy flexi fares earn miles in Asiana Club?

Yes, Economy Flexi fares are eligible to earn miles which can be credited to your Asiana Club account. The amount of miles earned will depend on the flight distance.

Can I select seats in advance with economy flexi tickets?

Yes, one benefit of Economy Flexi is that passengers can select preferred economy class seats for free after booking. Seats are subject to availability.

Is food included on flights with Asiana economy flexi fares?

Regular complimentary economy class meal and beverage service is offered on long-haul international flights. On shorter hops, snacks and drinks may be provided.

Are there change fees if I modify an economy flexi ticket?

There are no change fees to alter Economy Flexi flight dates/times, just fare differences if the new flight is more expensive.

Can I cancel an economy flexi ticket and get a full refund?

Economy Flexi tickets are refundable to original form of payment, though change fees and fare differences will be deducted from the amount refunded.

With the ability to change plans without incurring hefty fees, Asiana Airlines Economy Flexi can be an attractive option for economy class travelers looking for a reasonably priced fare with extra flexibility. Understanding the ticketing fine print helps ensure this fare aligns with your travel needs and budget.