What is the closest country to Hawaii?

What is the closest country to Hawaii?

Nearest Countries to Hawaii

kilometers country miles
1886 Kiribati 1172
3407 Marshall Islands 2117
3985 tuvalu 2476
4010 Mexico 2492

How long does it take to get from Hawaii to Australia?

The total flight time from Hawaii to Australia is 11 hours and 55 minutes.

Is Hawaii closer to America or to Asia?

Hawaii is 2,392 miles west of San Francisco, 3,900 miles east of Tokyo and 4,536 miles northeast of Australia. These are all major points on the continents of North America, Asia, and Australia, and Hawaii is geographically isolated from them all.

Are Australia or New Zealand closer to Hawaii?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Hawaii and New Zealand is 7,391 km = 4,593 miles. If you travel by plane (with an average speed of 560 miles) from Hawaii to New Zealand, it takes 8.2 hours to arrive… New Zealand.

GPS coordinates 40° 54´ 2.0160” S 174° 53´ 9.4920” E
Altitude 0m
Country New Zealand

What language do we speak in Hawaii?

Hawaiian, along with English, is an official state language of Hawaii. King Kamehameha III established the first Hawaiian-language constitution in 1839 and 1840.

How far is Fiji from Hawaii?

3,100 miles
How far is it from Hawaii to Fiji? The distance between Hawaii and Fiji is just under seven hours, or just over 3,100 miles. You’ll need to head southwest, and depending on which island you choose to visit, you may need to cross the International Date Line.

Do I need a passport to go to Hawaii?

If you are traveling directly to Hawaii from any other US state, you will not need a passport. Indeed, Hawaii has been a US state since 1959 as well as a US territory since 1898. Whether you are a citizen, permanent resident or otherwise, you do not need a passport to travel to the United States.

How far is Hawaii from Australia?

The distance from Hawaii to Australia is 9,129 kilometers.

How to find the distance from Sydney to Hawaii?

This map shows the distance between Sydney, Australia and Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. You can also see the distance in miles and kilometers below the map. Loading… Just type the name of both locations in the text boxes and click the View button! The best format to use is [City, Country] to enter a location, i.e. [City (comma) (space)Country].

Are there any other islands or countries near Hawaii?

Although some in this forum would suggest dividing that time between all the islands since each one is so different. But you have plenty of options…Japan, Micronesia, Guam, Philippines, Fiji…..always Hawaii is in the middle of the PO. Maybe someone who has ventured further afield will chime in here. 8. Re: What other islands/countries near Hawaii?

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