What is the correct way to spell Hawaii?

What is the correct way to spell Hawaii?

The state name, Hawaii, is not spelled with an ‘okina between the two “i”, because our Statehood Act of 1959 used the spelling “Hawaii”. An act of Congress is required to “correct” the state name to Hawai’i. Thus, the name of the state is Hawaii, while the name of the island of the same name is Hawai’i.

How do you spell Honolulu?

a seaport and the capital of Hawaii, south of Oahu.

How do you spell Oahu?

Oahu (/oʊˈɑːhuː/) (Hawaiian: Oʻahu (pronounced [oˈʔɐhu])), also known as “The Gathering Place”, is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is home to around one million people, or about two-thirds of the population of the US state of Hawaii.

Why is Hawaii pronounced havai?

In the Hawaiian language, the ‘okina is a letter equivalent to a glottal stop. The apostrophe ‘ represents a consonant – a glottal stop (essentially the catch in the voice when you say “uh oh!”). Hawai’ian has this consonant but English does not, and omitting it can change the meaning of the words.

How do locals pronounce Hawaii?

Hawaii is correctly spelled Hawai’i where the apostrophe indicates what is called a glottal stop. A glottal stop is a momentary pause in airflow, such as between syllables in the interjection uh-oh. The correct pronunciation is huh-WAH-ee with a glottal stop.

What does Lulu mean in Hawaiian?

Lulu. ▼ as a girl’s name is pronounced LOO-loo. He is of Swahili, Tanzanian and Hawaiian descent, and the meaning of Lulu is “precious; pearl; calm, peaceful, protected”.

What does Hawaii mean in Hawaiian?

The state of Hawaii derives its name from the name of its largest island, Hawaiʻi. The Hawaiian language word Hawaiʻi is very similar to Proto-Polynesian Sawaiki, with the reconstructed meaning “homeland”.

What is the correct spelling of Hawaiian words?

Note: Correct Hawaiian spelling is used for all Hawaiian words on the Hawaiian-only language page. We recognize the proper use of the Hawaiian language, including ‘okina [‘]a consonant and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in Hawaiian place names such as Lāna’i).

Is the Hawaiian diacritic a spelling change?

The state’s “Hawaii Board on Geographic Names” is proposing a spelling change to officially include the Hawaiian diacritic mark. “Technically, it’s not a name change. It’s a spelling…

What is the official state language of Hawaii?

The state constitution is written in English (except for the motto statement) even though this constitution declares that English and Hawaiian are the official languages ​​of the state “except that Hawaiian will be required for public acts and transactions only as provided by law.”

Where can I find the equivalent of my Hawaiian name?

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