What is the music on Turkish Airlines 2021 announcement?

What is the music on Turkish Airlines 2021 announcement?

The music played in this Turkish Airlines Go Turkey 2021 commercial is a song titled “Fly Above” which has just been streamed and downloaded as a full single. With those Middle Eastern vibes, Fly Above was produced by another Turkish artist: 28-year-old DJ and music producer Mahmut Orhan.

Who sings in the Jet2 commercial for Turkey?

What is the advertising music of Jet2 Turkey? The song featured in the Jet2 Turkey commercial is Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne.

Who sang fly over together?

Mahmut Orhan
Sena Sener
Fly Above/Artists

Who is the girl in the Turkish Airlines ad?

THE JOURNEY is directed by Ridley Scott and stars actresses Sylvia Hoeks and Aure Atika in the lead roles.

What is the violin music in the Aviva ad?

To be more precise, it’s actually a piece of cello music. Berlin-based Argentine composer and cellist Sebastian Plano is the classical musician behind the song in this Aviva ad, which we don’t expect to be released as a full single. Who is the Aviva 2021 ad actress?

Who sings the song on the Jet2 ad?

The music for the advert The music for the Jet2 Holidays advert is a song titled “Hold My Hand” released in 2015 by English singer-songwriter Jess Glynne. “Hold My Hand” was Glynne’s third solo single which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart staying there for three weeks.

Who is the girl in the Jet2 ad?

Lauren Dickenson has been chosen as the face of Jet2 Holidays. The talented actress will feature in a series of TV and film ad campaigns, as well as a billboard and ongoing media campaign.

Who is Sena Sener?

Sena Şener was born on September 19, 1998 in Gaziantep, Turkey. She grew up in a peaceful city called İzmir and later moved to İstanbul. She’s been in music since she was 9 and she’s been writing songs since she was 11. She has many original songs most of which are in English and Turkish.

Where was the Turkish Airlines ad filmed?

Filming took place in İmecik and none of the children used in the film were actors. These are children from the village who were selected after a few rounds of screening. The ad is a huge hit in Turkey and trended on Twitter for 3 days.

Is Shauna MacDonald in Aviva commercial?

Shauna MacDonald, a Scottish actress who has appeared in the TV show Spooks and The Descent film series, features in Aviva’s campaign, which takes place in a natural setting in rolling countryside.

What is the song in the Jet2 Turkey ad?

For more information on the song used in the Jet2 commercials, keep reading! What is the advertising music of Jet2 Turkey? The song featured in the Jet2 Turkey commercial is Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne. Since late 2015, the song has appeared in adverts for Jet2 Holidays, as well as adverts onboard Jet2 aircraft.

Who is the Turkish Airlines advertising artist?

The song was created exclusively for publicity, but has since been released for people to stream worldwide on music platforms such as Spotify. Many listeners thought the artist was Sia because she and Sena Şener have similar tones in their voices.

What is the British Airways advertisement called?

She brushes her fingers and the cramped room of the woman expands to become a much more comfortable accommodation. British Airways released a new advert in 2021 titled “You Fly Us” which features classical music similar to that used in the airline’s famous classic 80s advert.

Who are the people in the Tui ad?

You have come to the right place. It tells the story of an enthusiastic mum and her reluctant teenage daughter coming together on holiday in Turkey and enjoying these all-important holiday moments made by TUI. A lot of work went into creating the ad – 91 crew members were involved in the overall production.