What message does the Traveler leave them with the listeners?

What message does the Traveler leave them with the listeners?

The message that the traveler leaves to the “listeners” of the house is that he came to the house exactly as he had announced. The answer to this question is found in the last third of the poem.

What was the Traveler’s message to listeners before he left home?

This is evident from the lines of the poem “But only a crowd of phantom listeners who inhabited the house.” 5. What message does the traveler leave before leaving? Response: The message the traveler left before leaving was “Tell them I came and no one answered”.

What is the theme of the listeners?

It is about the importance of the search for meaning and the reason for its existence. The poem also highlights the universal loneliness with which every human being is associated.

Why did the Traveler knock on the door if someone answered his knocks?

The traveler knocked on the door because he wanted to meet someone to whom he seemed to have promised to come perhaps after a long time. Travelers knocked on the door but no one answered the door. Also, when the travelers leave, the horse makes the very real and physical “sound of iron on stone”.

Why are the Traveler’s eyes described as GRAY?

Answer: The word gray is often used to describe lack of clarity or confusion. In the poem “The Listeners”, the poet describes the eyes of the traveler as gray because we know nothing of the traveler except that he was at the door of the house to keep a promise.

Why did the Traveler remain perplexed and motionless?

Response: He was “perplexed and motionless” as he awaited a response from the occupants of the house but despite repeated calls there was no response.

What is the moral of listeners?

It can be assumed that he has made a sincere effort to keep his promise, but has been prevented from doing so so far. A lesson we could learn from the poem is that “the world of men” (16) interferes with our ability to keep our commitments, with terrible costs for those to whom we have made these commitments.

What kind of poem is the listeners?

What type of poem is the listeners? The poem. “The Listeners” is a thirty-six line, single stanza poem, rhyming abcb.

How many times did the Traveler call and knock on the door?

Answer: The traveler was perplexed after knocking unsuccessfully on the door for the second time. He knocked on the door twice but no one came out and he felt confused. 6. Who were the listeners to the traveler’s voice?

What do GRAY eyes symbolize in literature?

Gray has also been used to denote wisdom or age (as in graying hair or a movement towards death). In other circumstances it has been used to denote mystery and knowledge when used in the eyes. As for the implications of “gray eyes” in the poem “The Listeners,” the color could stand for different things.

What is the meaning of the poem listeners?

The Meaning “The Listeners” tells the story of a traveler who knocks on the door of a house but no one answers. No one is even ready to listen to it. The poem is written in a supernatural way.

How long is the poem The Listeners by Walter John de la Mare?

Summary: The Listeners by Walter John de la Mare: ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare is a one-stanza poem of thirty-six lines. One moonlit night, a traveler arrives on his horse and knocks at the door of a house. He demands that the door be opened, but receives no response to his call.

Why is the listeners poem about ghosts mysterious?

The poem has a mysterious and supernatural touch with the mention of “ghosts” who could be the listeners as the traveler’s question remains unanswered. The poem begins with the traveler knocking at a moonlit door in an unknown place. It is this sense of the unknown, with all its ambiguities, that controls the tone and mood of the poem.

Where does the Traveler go in the poem of the listeners?

The Traveler’s horse grazes in the quiet forest as the Traveler waits for an answer. A bird flies from a small tower over the house and above the Traveler’s head. The Traveler knocks again, more forcefully, and repeats his question. However, no one comes down from the house to meet him.