What routes does Singapore Airlines fly on the A380?

The Airbus A380 is one of the largest and most impressive commercial airliners flying today. This massive double-decker plane has become a flagship aircraft for several major international airlines, including Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the A380 and was the first airline to fly the superjumbo jet in 2007. The airline has consistently operated the aircraft on some of its busiest and longest routes over the past 15 years.

If you want to have the unique experience of flying on an A380, you’ll have to catch a Singapore Airlines flight on one of the specific routes the airline operates this plane. Here’s a comprehensive look at all the routes Singapore Airlines currently flies its Airbus A380s on and some key details on each one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore Airlines originally operated A380s on flights from Singapore to Sydney, London, and Tokyo.
  • The airline temporarily grounded most of its A380 fleet in 2020 due to COVID-19 but has been steadily reintroducing the plane on key routes.
  • As of September 2022, Singapore Airlines flies A380s on routes between Singapore and London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Sydney, Zurich, and Frankfurt.
  • Select flights to Amsterdam, New York, Copenhagen, and Paris have also resumed A380 operations.
  • The airline plans to continue increasing A380 usage over the next two years as more planes are reactivated from storage.

Overview of the Airbus A380

Before getting into the specific routes, here’s a quick overview of the amazing Airbus A380 for some context on why Singapore Airlines chose it as its flagship aircraft:

  • Size: The A380 is the largest passenger airliner in the world. Its massive size is the first thing you’ll notice at the airport.
  • Capacity: The jet can seat between 400-850+ passengers depending on the airline’s configuration. Singapore Airlines A380s have around 450 seats.
  • Decks: The A380 has two full passenger decks, including a spacious upper deck. Airlines typically use the upper deck for premium cabins.
  • Range: The plane can fly up to 8,000 nautical miles nonstop thanks to its four powerful engines. This allows it to easily serve long-haul international routes.
  • Wingspan: At 261.8 feet, the A380 has a longer wingspan than a football field, allowing it to efficiently cruise at 35,000 feet.
  • Comfort: The A380 is praised for its quiet and smooth ride. The widebody twin-aisle interior also provides more spaciousness.
  • Luxury: Airlines equip A380s with premium amenities like onboard lounges, showers, and high-end cabin furnishings to enhance the passenger experience.

Singapore Airlines and the A380

Singapore Airlines has one of the largest A380 fleets with 19 aircraft in service pre-pandemic. The airline invested heavily in the plane to meet rising demand on Asia-Europe and transpacific routes.

Here are some key facts about Singapore Airlines’ use of the A380:

  • Launch customer – Singapore Airlines placed the first ever order for the A380 after extensive involvement in the plane’s development.
  • First airline to fly the A380 – On October 25, 2007, a Singapore Airlines A380 flew the very first commercial A380 flight from Singapore to Sydney.
  • Long-term commitment – Despite issues with the A380 program, Singapore Airlines has maintained a steady A380 fleet and intends to fly the plane into the 2030s.
  • Flagship routes – The airline quickly deployed the A380 on flagship routes including Singapore-London and Singapore-Tokyo to enhance its premium brand image.
  • Four classes – Singapore Airlines A380s have four classes: 6 suites, 78 business, 44 premium economy, and 341 economy seats.
  • Double beds – Suites on the upper deck feature double beds for the ultimate in lie-flat comfort on ultra long-haul routes.
  • Spaciousness – Even in economy, the wide A380 cabin offers more personal space and aisles than other aircraft.
  • High demand – Singapore Airlines’ award-winning A380 product generates high demand from passengers seeking a top-notch flying experience.

Original A380 Routes for Singapore Airlines

When Singapore Airlines first began A380 operations in 2007-2008, the airline focused on deploying the aircraft on three major long-haul routes:

Singapore to Sydney

  • Distance: Approximately 7,700 km or 4,800 miles
  • Flight time: About 8 hours
  • Frequency: Multiple daily flights
  • Launch route: The inaugural commercial A380 flight on October 25, 2007 operated SQ221 from Singapore to Sydney.

This extremely busy route between Southeast Asia and Australia was a natural early choice for A380 service. Singapore Airlines was able to boost capacity in response to high year-round demand for travel between the two countries.

Singapore to London Heathrow

  • Distance: 10,300 km or 6,400 miles
  • Flight time: About 13 hours
  • Frequency: Multiple daily flights
  • Second route: Singapore Airlines launched A380 flights between Singapore and London on March 18, 2008.

As one of the airline’s most prestigious and lucrative routes, Singapore-London was an obvious option for early A380 deployments. The aircraft allowed Singapore Airlines to increase capacity on the route while also enhancing its premium image.

Singapore to Tokyo Narita

  • Distance: Approximately 7,500 km or 4,700 miles
  • Flight time: Roughly 9 hours
  • Frequency: Multiple daily flights
  • Third route: Singapore Airlines started flying A380s between Singapore and Tokyo Narita in May 2008.

Tokyo has long been a critical Asian hub for Singapore Airlines. Using the A380 on this route provided more seats and comfort for business and leisure travelers flying between the major Asian centers.

Initial Post-Pandemic A380 Routes

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in border restrictions that drastically reduced travel demand globally. Singapore Airlines grounded most of its A380 fleet in March 2020 when the pandemic first started impacting air travel.

As travel demand has rebounded, especially on major long-haul routes, Singapore Airlines has been gradually returning A380s to service. Here are the initial routes the aircraft resumed operating on starting in late 2021:

Singapore to London Heathrow

  • Resumed November 2021
  • Operates as SQ322 and SQ322
  • Strong Europe demand makes London a priority A380 route

Singapore to Hong Kong

  • Resumed December 2021
  • Operates as SQ890 and SQ891
  • Shorter regional route seeing surging travel demand recently

Singapore to Mumbai

  • Resumed January 2022
  • Operates as SQ424 and SQ423
  • Major passenger flows between Singapore and India’s busiest city

Singapore to Sydney

  • Resumed in March 2022
  • Operates as SQ232 and SQ231
  • Flagship Australia route was natural early choice for A380 return

Singapore Airlines has been methodically bringing back more A380s over the past year as demand warrants. In most cases, the A380 has resumed flying routes it previously operated pre-pandemic.

Current A380 Routes for September 2022

As of September 2022, Singapore Airlines is now operating Airbus A380 aircraft on the following international routes:

To/From London Heathrow

  • SQ322 Singapore to London
  • SQ317 London to Singapore

To/From Hong Kong

  • SQ890 Singapore to Hong Kong
  • SQ891 Hong Kong to Singapore

To/From Mumbai

  • SQ424 Singapore to Mumbai
  • SQ423 Mumbai to Singapore

To/From Sydney Kingsford Smith

  • SQ232 Singapore to Sydney
  • SQ231 Sydney to Singapore

To/From Zurich

  • SQ346 Singapore to Zurich
  • SQ345 Zurich to Singapore

To/From Frankfurt

  • SQ326 Singapore to Frankfurt
  • SQ325 Frankfurt to Singapore

Singapore Airlines has resumed daily A380 flights on the above routes due to sufficient passenger demand. The airline is currently utilizing 12 of its 19 A380s with plans to return even more to service.

There are also occasional one-off A380 flights between Singapore and other European points like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Barcelona as Singapore Airlines tests restarting service.

Future A380 Routes

Singapore Airlines intends to have 17 of its 19 A380s flying again by the end of 2023. The airline is monitoring demand to determine which additional routes make sense for returning the A380 to service.

Here are some of the routes expected to resume regular A380 flights over the next year:

Singapore to New York JFK

  • One of Singapore Airlines’ longest routes at 9,500 miles
  • Previously operated daily A380 service before COVID
  • Some ad-hoc A380 flights have already resumed

Singapore to Amsterdam

  • Key route to major European hub could see regular A380 service
  • Amsterdam flights are already operated by A380 a few days a week

Singapore to Paris CDG

  • Major destination will likely resume daily A380 flights
  • High premium demand on this long-haul route

Singapore to Copenhagen

  • Leisure and business demand to Denmark has rebounded quicker
  • Copenhagen already sees occasional A380 flights from Singapore

Singapore to Auckland

  • With Sydney flights going well, Auckland might be next New Zealand city added

Tokyo Haneda to Singapore

  • Tokyo route previously served by A380s so Haneda flights may be upgraded

Singapore Airlines is also reportedly considering using A380s on routes like Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Melbourne in the longer term as more planes return to service through 2024.

Flying in the Singapore Airlines A380

Experiencing the incredibly spacious, quiet, and comfortable passenger cabin of Singapore Airlines’ A380s is a major reason many travelers seek out flights on the aircraft.

Here are some of the notable features and policies of flying in Singapore Airlines’ A380s:

  • Spacious 2-4-2 economy class seating with 32” pitch and 18.5” width
  • Onboard comfort items like pillows, blankets, amenity kits, and slippers in economy
  • Self-serve snack bars on the upper and lower decks with refreshments available throughout the flight
  • Separate premium economy cabin with wide seats in a 2-4-2 configuration with 38” pitch
  • Lie-flat business class seats with direct aisle access. On upper deck, business class seats have more privacy.
  • Luxurious Suites with double beds and separate lounges on upper deck
  • Inflight entertainment system with large touchscreen and over 1,000 options
  • Inflight WiFi connectivity available with paid passes
  • Children’s play area on certain A380s to keep kids entertained
  • Duty free sales and onboard purchases available with Singapore Airlines Krisflyer credit cards or cash

By following Singapore Airlines’ website and seat maps, you can determine if an upcoming flight is scheduled to operate with an A380 or another aircraft. This will ensure you book a flight on this impressive plane.

Going forward, Singapore Airlines’ A380s will continue to operate on major long-haul routes from Singapore where sufficient demand warrants the large capacity. Flying on the upper deck of an A380, especially in the ultra-luxurious Suites class, is an amazing way to travel in comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flying A380s on Singapore Airlines

What routes did Singapore Airlines first fly the A380 on?

Singapore Airlines debuted the A380 in October 2007 on the Singapore to Sydney route. This was followed by Singapore to London Heathrow flights starting in March 2008 and Singapore to Tokyo Narita flights beginning May 2008.

How many Airbus A380s does Singapore Airlines have?

Singapore Airlines has 19 Airbus A380s in its fleet. This makes them the second largest A380 operator behind Emirates.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact Singapore Airlines’ A380 flights?

With border closures and low demand during COVID, Singapore Airlines grounded 17 of its 19 A380s by March 2020. The airline has been gradually returning the planes to service as demand recovers.

Are Singapore Airlines’ A380s configured with four classes?

Yes, Singapore Airlines fits its A380s with 6 Suites, 78 Business Class seats, 44 Premium Economy seats, and 341 Economy seats for a total of 471.

What are the most luxurious seats on Singapore Airlines’ A380s?

The ultra-luxurious Suites on the upper deck feature private cabins with double beds and separate reclining chairs. They are among the most exclusive first-class seats in the sky.

Which of Singapore Airlines’ long-haul routes are most likely to use A380s?

Flights between Singapore and London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Mumbai are among the routes most likely to be operated by an A380. Flights to Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and New York also regularly use A380s now.

How can I book a flight on an Singapore Airlines Airbus A380?

Check Singapore Airlines’ seat maps before booking. Routes labeled with A380 are guaranteed to be flown by an A380. You can also search Google Flights for “Singapore Airlines A380” to only see A380 results.


The Airbus A380 has been the flagship of Singapore Airlines’ long-haul fleet since the airline became the first operator of the massive jet in 2007. Despite COVID-19 reducing demand, Singapore Airlines remains committed to returning its A380s to service on major routes.

Flights between Singapore and destinations like London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Frankfurt are some of the main routes currently served by the A380. Additional cities like New York, Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo are likely to resume regular A380 flights soon as Singapore Airlines ramps up capacity.

Passengers seek out flights on Singapore Airlines’ A380s due to the excellent comfort, space, and luxury provided by the aircraft. Flying in suites on the upper deck is one of the most refined experiences in the sky. With Singapore Airlines planning to fly the A380 into the 2030s, you’ll continue to have opportunities to experience this iconic aircraft on many of the airline’s long-haul routes for years to come.