What season do the Pilgrims travel in Canterbury Tales?

What season do the Pilgrims travel in Canterbury Tales?

The first line of the general prologue begins (in modern English), “When, in April,…”, so the answer to your first question about when pilgrims travel is “April”. They head to Canterbury to worship at the Shrine of St. Thomas a’ Becket.

What month does the pilgrimage take place in Canterbury Tales?

Chaucer states that the pilgrimage begins in April, a time when the weather warms up and the days get longer, making a journey on foot more enjoyable than in winter.

What time of year did the Canterbury Tales take place?

14th century
“The Canterbury Tales”, written by Geoffrey Chaucer, is the story of a group of people making a pilgrimage to see a martyr’s shrine. At the time of this story, it was the late 14th century and England was in the midst of turmoil.

When did the pilgrims begin their journey to Canterbury?

The action begins in a tavern just outside London around 1390, where a group of pilgrims have gathered in preparation for their journey to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

What is the award for the best story?

He says they will each tell stories. They will each say two on the way out and then two more on the way back. Whoever says the best gets a free dinner at the inn when they return.

Who are the most richly dressed pilgrims?

18 of 25 Which pilgrims are the most richly dressed?

  • Miller, Yeoman, Summoner, Chaucer.
  • Wife of Bath, squire, monk, physician, Franklin.
  • Knight, priest of nuns, pastor, pardoner.
  • Brother, prefect, manciple, lawyer.

What is the moral of the Pardoner’s Tale story?

The overt moral lesson in “The Pardoner’s Tale” is that greed is the root of all evil, as is explicitly stated by Forgiveness. The forgiver tells us that all he cares about in life is gaining money (greed), but he preaches a tale against the evils of greed.

What is the best Canterbury Tale?


1 The Summoner’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer (publisher) 3.32 average rating – 22 ratings score: 190, and 2 people voted
2 The Nun’s Priest’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer 3.24 average rating – 210 ratings score: 100, and 1 person voted
3 The Miller’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer Average rating of 3.55 – 1,118 ratings score: 99, and 1 person voted

What is the longest tale of The Canterbury Tales?

by Geoffrey Chaucer. Melibee’s Tale is the longest of the Canterbury Tales, and the densest.

Who is the brother avoiding?

Why does Chaucer’s Friar avoid “slum and gutter dwellers”? Why does the Brother give light penances as absolution for sins? because people are more likely to give her gifts for light penances than for severe ones.

When does the Canterbury Tales pilgrimage begin?

In which month does the pilgrimage begin? April Who is Thomas Becket? Was martyred because he was loyal to the pope over the king and the pope was the supreme head of the church In what person is the prologue written? First person Where did the pilgrims begin their journey? In southwark, london at the tabard

Where do the pilgrims go in the pilgrims?

What is the Canterbury Tales General Prologue?

The Canterbury Tales Summary and analysis of the general prologue. LitCharts assigns a color and an icon to each theme in The Canterbury Tales, which you can use to track themes throughout the work. The general prologue opens with a description of the April showers and the return of spring.

What is the diversity of pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales?

A diverse company of twenty-nine other pilgrims enter the inn, and the narrator joins their group. The diversity of company traveling in Canterbury underscores that people from all levels of medieval society made the same journey. The narrator and the other pilgrims are drinking, and they decide to start their journey together the next morning.