What should I do if I want to travel to China?

What should I do if I want to travel to China?

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  1. Obtain a visa before arrival and have a passport with at least six months of validity remaining.
  2. Apply for a ten-year multiple-entry visa, useful for repeat trips, or trips to Hong Kong or Macao with returns to China.
  3. If you plan to work in China, make sure you get the right visa.

How to plan my first trip to China?

Below are five easy steps to planning that first trip, based on our experience designing over 100,000 tours in China.

  1. Choose where to go — 5 recommendations.
  2. Decide how many days to stay.
  3. Be aware of Chinese visa policy and gateway cities.
  4. Consider when traveling to China.
  5. We believe that private and bespoke are best.

What not to do while traveling in China?

10 things you should never do in China

  1. Never accept a compliment gracefully.
  2. Never make anyone lose face.
  3. Never get angry in public.
  4. Never address people by their first name.
  5. Never pick up food with the wrong end of your chopsticks.
  6. Never drink alcohol without first making a toast.

Is it dangerous to fly to China?

China is generally a safe country to travel to, as long as you know where you are going and stay alert. China is visited by travelers from all over the world and is safe for anyone who understands local cultures and obeys local laws.

Do you need a visa to go to China?

Do US citizens need a visa to visit China? Yes. US citizens planning to visit the Chinese mainland must apply for an entry visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.

What should you know before visiting China?

25 things to know before visiting China

  • Plan your trip. Planning a trip to China is an exciting adventure in itself.
  • Don’t forget your passport.
  • You need a visa to enter China.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Take cash with you and use ATMs for withdrawals.
  • Do not tip.
  • Use your negotiating skills.
  • Connect using a VPN.

Is it easy to go to China?

Many people think it’s impossible, or at least incredibly difficult, to travel to China independently. However, while there are certainly challenges for independent travelers, these can be overcome. It just takes a little planning, flexibility and patience.

When is the best time to visit China?

The best time to visit China is spring or autumn. The weather tends to be hot and dry during these times, unlike the extremely cold winters and hot, humid summers experienced in much of the country.

What not to wear in China?

While Chinese fashion trends are very similar to Western trends, showing too much skin is frowned upon. Shirts that are low-cut or leave the shoulders and back mostly bare should be avoided. Likewise, it’s safest not to wear incredibly short dresses, skirts, or shorts when deciding what to wear in China.

What is considered rude in China?

The Chinese don’t like to be touched by foreigners. Do not touch, hug, clasp arms, slap on the back, or make body contact. Clicking fingers or whistling is considered very rude.

How to prepare a trip to China?

Check CDC travel health notices well before you leave and close to your departure time to see if a new health risk has emerged that might require vaccination. There are three levels of warning: Level 1 – Watch: Reminder to follow the usual precautions for this destination. Level 2 – Alert: Follow enhanced precautions for this destination.

What’s the best way to prepare for a flight?

Stick to this list of 10 air travel tips and tasks for first-time travelers and globetrotters, and you’ll be set and on your way in no time. 1. Research your trip 2. Make plans 3. Prepare your passport, ID and visas 4. Get travel insurance 5. Get your shots 6. Fill your prescriptions 7. Prepare your home 8 Secure Your Finances 9. Pack Smart

What do you need to travel from China to Germany?

In addition, a Chinese customs entry/exit red health code (on the day of departure) is required to board and disembark the aircraft. In case of cross-border connecting flight to Germany: passengers must take two Covid-19 tests and apply for the HS green code or the HDC green code in BOTH countries (country of origin and country of transit)

How are pets transported on a China Airlines flight?

Carriage of pets as baggage is a service that is only available on flights directly operated by China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines. With the exception of guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs, pets must be placed in suitable containers and transported in the hold as checked baggage.