What should I wear to a Hawaiian themed party?

What should I wear to a Hawaiian themed party?

What to Wear to a Luau Party

  • ALOHA PORTER. Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women are the easiest and most comfortable choices.
  • TRADITIONAL. For a conservative look, women can wear a traditional muʻumuʻu or floral print long dress or sarong.
  • SHOE.

How to dress for a tropical party?

Classic “dressed up” tropical party outfit

  1. A natural grass skirt can be paired with a coconut top or this beautiful floral bra top.
  2. A wrap pareo skirt or pareo skirt can also be worn with the above tops.
  3. Leis and a leafy skirt are whimsical and kitsch.
  4. A traditional mumu dress is loose and comfortable.

What is the dress code for a luau?

Thus, the dress code is casual and the emphasis is on relaxation. If you’re a guy, you can opt for a Hawaiian shirt — you can never go wrong — and if you’re a girl, the obvious choice for a Luau would be a Hawaiian-style dress. You can keep it long and flowing, if that’s your mood.

What do you do on a Hawaiian party?

Luau party games and music

  1. PASS THE COCONUT. Like the popular “hot potato” game, but using a coconut, have everyone sit in a circle.
  2. ʻULU MAIKA.
  3. KONANE.

What is the tropical theme?

Tropical themes are inspired by natural beauty, bringing nature indoors with organic colors, textures and shapes. Tropical-style furniture and decor can help inspire a casual, relaxing atmosphere with a resort-style feel.

What to wear for a Hawaiian themed party?

The page will be your guide to getting the perfect outfit for your next Hawaiian themed party or Luau. The casual Luau style is the basis of the Luau Party. The concept is to keep it simple but with a Hawaiian twist. The key to casual style is to accessorize well.

What to wear to a luau in Hawaii?

What to wear to a Luau in Hawaii. 1 Hawaiian shirt/dress. Traditional Hawaiian shirts and dresses, mostly in ocean and sunny designs, are among the most popular choices. 2 Tropical themed shirt. 3 neon themed clothes. 4 Long dress. 5 Muumuu.

What kind of clothes do hula dancers wear?

Both male and female hula dancers may wear skirts, called pa`u. Traditionally made from barkcloth, modern hula dance skirts can be made from woven fabric with dyed, painted, or screen-printed designs. Skirts are sometimes made from natural native plants and materials, such as dried leaves and processed tree bark.