What type of jets does Hawaiian Airlines fly on?

What type of jets does Hawaiian Airlines fly on?

Presentation of our fleet

  • Airbus A330. — Transporting guests across the Pacific in style. Read more.
  • Airbus A321neo Airbus A321neo. — Combining unequaled energy efficiency and comfort. Read more.
  • Boeing B717. — Fly between the islands. Read more.

Does Hawaiian Airlines use the Boeing 737?

While the MAX aircraft were out of service, all Southwest Hawaii flights used the company’s 737-800 aircraft. The company said MAX issues slashed its revenue by more than $800 million in 2019, its last regular year.

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly a 747?

Their Hawaii flights began in 1970, shortly after 747 flights began, and ended in 1985, when United Airlines acquired all Pacific routes from Pan Am, including Hawaii. In 2017, Delta Airlines, which also flew the 747 to Hawaii, became the last US airline to use the plane.

How big are Hawaiian Airlines planes?

Hawaiian currently operates a core fleet of 54 aircraft: 24 Airbus A330-200s and 8 Boeing 767 jumbo jets, 2 A321neos and 20 narrowbody 717s.

And their “Extra Comfort” economy class offering, with about five extra inches of leg room and a handful of other perks, is one of those really good values ​​you sometimes come across in flight – and perfect for a five-hour flight from the US West Coast to Hawaii. The cabin is spacious, airy and relaxing.

Which airline flies the most to Hawaii?

From its hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Chicago and New York, United offers the most flights to and from Hawaii of any major US airline. United serves Honolulu, Kahului, Kona and Lihue.

What type of aircraft does Hawaiian Airlines fly?

Hawaiian Airlines operates the Airbus A330-200 on long-haul flights. This plane flies with 18 stretched seats in first class and 260 seats in economy class. The version of the Airbus A330-200 shown here includes flat beds in its first-class Premium cabin.

What are the seat sizes on Hawaiian Airlines?

Seat screens also show on-demand movies, TV shows and games, so you’ll have plenty to keep you busy during the flight halfway across the Pacific. Economy seats on Hawaiian Airlines have standard legroom with seat pitch ranging from 30 to 31 inches depending on the aircraft.

Is there Wi-Fi on Hawaiian Airlines flights?

For those looking to connect to the World Wide Web, unfortunately, Hawaiian Airlines does not currently offer Wi-Fi on any of its aircraft. Extra Comfort seats are available on the Airbus A330 and A321neo.

What is the 6pm seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

The 18H seat is an economy class seat designated by Hawaiian Airlines as an extra comfort seat with extra spacing. Hawaiian Airlines charges an additional fee to reserve these seats. Passengers seated in this economy class section will be among the first passengers to be served.