When can I choose my seat on Southwest Airlines?

When can I choose my seat on Southwest Airlines?

As soon as you board the plane, you are free to choose the seat you want. But since there’s a lot of pressure to decide on the fly where you’ll spend your entire flight, you’ll want to read on to find out which seats to plan ahead.

How do you choose your seat on Southwest Airlines?

The Southwest follows an open seating style, which means there are no assigned seats. You will be assigned a boarding group (A, B or C) and position (1-60+) upon check-in, which will determine your boarding order. Once on board, you choose your seat. If you’re the last to board, you probably won’t be able to sit with your family.

Does Southwest still block middle seats?

Southwest stopped blocking middle seats on December 1. Delta Air Lines is the only carrier still limiting economy class seat sales, a policy in effect until April 30.

Are Southwest seats comfortable?

The Seats: More Legroom, Fewer Choices Southwest has well-cushioned seats with a range of 31 to 33 inches of pitch, which is actually more legroom than Delta offers.

Do I need to do anything for South West Early Bird check in?

Southwest Early Bird Check-In is an automatic check-in process. Passengers who have purchased Early Check-in are automatically checked in for their flight from 36 hours before departure. Passengers do NOT have to complete self-check-in within 24 hours if purchasing Early Bird.

What is the difference between Southwest anytime and wanna get away?

Anytime – This is Southwest’s fully refundable “Y” rate. Wanna Get Away – These are non-refundable fares and encompass all fare groups that are not business selection tickets or “Y” full fare refundable tickets. Wanna Get Away is by no means a basic economy fare.

Can you buy two seats on Southwest?

Not all airlines offer the extra seat option: Southwest, for example, only allows a customer to purchase a second seat for themselves if the customer is too tall for a seat, has a disability that requires more space or has an equally large musical instrument for hanging bins.

What are the best seats on Southwest?

Which rows have the most legroom on Southwest Airlines? If legroom is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to look for a seat in the front row (the bulkhead) of the plane or the exit row. If you are flying on a Boeing 737-700, the most legroom is in seat 12A which is missing the seat in front.

Are you choosing a seat on Southwest Airlines?

Choose a seat, any seat At Southwest ®, we let you sit where you want. We do not assign seats on our flights, so feel free to sit in any available seat once you board the aircraft.

Can a family sit together on a Southwest flight?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for families to sit together on Southwest. Although some airlines make it difficult to assign free seats with your family, Southwest’s approach is quite different. In fact, Southwest does not assign seats in advance at all.

Who is allowed to sit in the exit row on Southwest Airlines?

Passengers with pre-board priority are permitted to board with a travel companion for assistance and cannot be seated in an exit row. Young families also get special boarding privileges, but not until a bit later in the process.

When do you check in for Southwest Airlines?

When there are plenty of empty seats, however, the back of the plane can be downright spacious. If there’s one rule South West regulars follow religiously, it’s this: check in exactly 24 hours before the flight.