when can i choose my seat on spirit airlines

Are you planning to fly with Spirit Airlines and wondering when you can choose your seat? Well, we’ve got you covered. Seat selection is an essential aspect of ensuring a comfortable flight experience. So, let’s dive in and explore when you can select your seat on Spirit Airlines.

When flying with Spirit Airlines, you have the option to choose your seat in advance. This allows you to personalize your flight experience and ensure that you have the most comfortable seat for your journey. Spirit Airlines offers various seating options to cater to different preferences and budgets.

But the question remains, when exactly can you choose your seat? Is it during the booking process or after purchasing your ticket? And how much does it cost? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and more!

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Options

When flying with Spirit Airlines, you have a variety of seating options to choose from, ensuring a comfortable and personalized flight experience. Whether you’re looking for extra legroom, priority boarding, or specific seat locations, Spirit Airlines has you covered.

  • Big Front Seats: For ultimate comfort and luxury, upgrade to the Big Front Seats. These spacious seats offer extra legroom and a wider seat pitch, allowing you to stretch out and relax throughout your flight.
  • Premium Seats: If you value convenience and quick boarding, consider selecting a Premium Seat. Located towards the front of the aircraft, these seats provide priority boarding, allowing you to settle in and start your journey hassle-free.
  • Standard Seats: Spirit Airlines also offers a range of standard seats throughout the aircraft. These seats provide a comfortable and affordable option without sacrificing essential comforts.
  • Exit Row Seats: If you prefer more legroom, Exit Row Seats are available for selection. Located next to the emergency exits, these seats offer extra space to stretch your legs during your flight.

Whether you prioritize spaciousness, convenience, or affordability, Spirit Airlines provides a diverse selection of seating options to meet your needs. Choose the option that best suits your preferences and enjoy a comfortable journey with Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Process

advance seat selection

When it comes to choosing your seat on Spirit Airlines, the process is simple and convenient. You have two options to select your preferred seat:

  1. During the Booking Process: When you’re making your reservation on the Spirit Airlines website, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your seat. Simply follow the prompts during the booking process, and you’ll be able to select the seat that suits your needs.
  2. Through “My Trips” Option: If you’ve already booked your flight and want to select your seat later, you can do so through the “My Trips” feature on the Spirit Airlines website. Sign in to your account, locate your reservation, and select the “Choose Seats” option to customize your seating arrangement.

Regardless of whether you choose your seat during the initial booking or through the “My Trips” option, it’s always recommended to select your seat in advance to ensure you get your preferred seating arrangement. By taking advantage of the advance seat selection process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a comfortable spot onboard the aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Fees

seat selection fees

When flying with Spirit Airlines, seat selection comes with a fee. The cost of selecting a seat varies depending on factors such as the specific route and the location on the aircraft. Seat selection fees start as low as $5 per flight and can go up to $200 for certain circumstances. If you’re looking for a more premium experience, Spirit Airlines offers Big Front Seats at prices ranging from $12 to $750 per route.

It’s important to note that seat availability is subject to the number of seats remaining on the flight. To check the seat selection fees while booking your flight, you can visit Spirit Airlines’ website. Alternatively, you can also review the fees through the “My Trips” option or during the online check-in process (within 24 hours of departure).

Seat Type Pricing Range (per route)
Standard Seats $5 – $200
Big Front Seats $12 – $750

Please note that specific fees may vary and it is always recommended to check the most up-to-date pricing information on Spirit Airlines’ official website.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

seat selection policy image

As part of its seat selection policy, Spirit Airlines offers both random seat assignment and the option to select adjacent seats. While some airlines allow passengers to choose their seats for free, Spirit Airlines charges a fee for seat selection. The airline’s policy aims to optimize seat availability and enhance the boarding process.

When booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, random seat assignment is the default option. Passengers who prefer to sit together can choose to pay an additional fee to ensure adjacent seats. This is particularly beneficial for families or groups traveling together.

For child passengers, Spirit Airlines requires that at least one adult is seated in the same row as the child. This ensures the safety and security of young travelers and provides peace of mind for parents and guardians. Parents can request a seat assignment change at the airport if their seats are not already assigned together.

It’s important to note that Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policy may vary depending on the specific route and availability. Passengers are encouraged to review the seat selection options and fees during the booking process to make an informed decision about their seating arrangements.

Overall, Spirit Airlines strives to accommodate passenger preferences while ensuring efficient and cost-effective operations. By offering both random seat assignment and the option to select adjacent seats, the airline aims to provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience for all passengers.

Features Random Seat Assignment Adjacent Seats
Availability Automatically assigned Additional fee required
Benefit Cost-effective Ensures passengers can sit together
Applicable Passengers All passengers Families, groups, or passengers traveling together

Spirit Airlines Seating Charts

Spirit Airlines provides seating charts to passengers for reference. Before choosing a flight, you can access the seating chart by selecting the “Seat Map” option for your desired itinerary. This allows you to view the seat types and availability for the specific flight.

During the booking process, the seat map displays the price of each seat. By clicking on a seat, a pop-up box provides additional information, such as whether it is an aisle or window seat. The seating chart helps you make informed decisions about your seating preferences and ensures that you have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

When selecting seats, you have the option to choose seats individually or as part of a bundle. Seat selection as part of a bundle will be listed at $0, while individual seat selection will have a corresponding price.

Having access to the seating chart allows you to plan ahead and select the seats that best suit your needs. Whether you prefer a window seat for a better view or an aisle seat for easier access, the seating chart provides valuable information to help you make the right choice.

By checking the seating chart and seat availability, you can ensure that you secure the seats you desire for a pleasant and comfortable journey.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Alternatives

Aside from the traditional individual seat selection option, Spirit Airlines provides passengers with alternative choices to enhance their travel experience.

One of the alternatives is the bundle options offered by Spirit Airlines. These bundles include additional benefits such as pre-reserved seats, priority boarding, and baggage allowances. By selecting a bundle, you can enjoy the convenience of having your seat already chosen, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.

For those who frequently travel with Spirit Airlines, the Spirit Saver$ Club is another excellent alternative to consider. By joining the club, you gain access to exclusive perks and benefits, including complimentary seat selection and discounted fares. This membership program is designed to provide frequent flyers with added value and a more personalized travel experience.

If you hold an elite status with Spirit Airlines, you may also have access to special seat selection privileges. Elite status members are often granted complimentary seat selection as part of their membership benefits, allowing them to secure their preferred seats without any additional fees.


Q: When can I choose my seat on Spirit Airlines?

A: You have the option to choose your seat in advance when flying with Spirit Airlines. Seat selection can be done during the booking process or after purchasing your ticket through the “My Trips” option.

Q: What seat selection options does Spirit Airlines provide?

A: Spirit Airlines offers various seating options, including Big Front Seats, Premium Seats, Standard Seats, and Exit Row Seats, to cater to different preferences and budgets.

Q: How can I complete the seat selection process on Spirit Airlines?

A: The seat selection process on Spirit Airlines can be completed in two ways – during the booking process or after purchasing your ticket through the “My Trips” option.

Q: How much does seat selection cost on Spirit Airlines?

A: Spirit Airlines charges a fee for seat selection, with prices starting at per flight. The cost of seat selection varies depending on factors such as the specific route and location on the aircraft. Big Front Seats range from to 0 per route.

Q: What is Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policy?

A: Spirit Airlines has a seat selection policy that passengers should be aware of. While random seat assignments are possible, the policy aims to seat adjacent passengers together, especially for family or group bookings. Child passengers under the age of 15 must be seated next to their accompanying adult.

Q: Where can I find Spirit Airlines seating charts?

A: Spirit Airlines provides seating charts for reference, which can be accessed before choosing a flight by selecting the “seat map” option for the desired itinerary. The seating chart displays seat types and availability for the specific flight.

Q: What are the alternatives for seat selection on Spirit Airlines?

A: In addition to individual seat selection, Spirit Airlines offers alternative options such as bundle options (where seat selection is included) and benefits for Spirit Saver$ Club and elite status members.