When did Southwest Airlines stop serving peanuts?

When did Southwest Airlines stop serving peanuts?

Southwest Airlines will stop serving peanuts on flights starting August 1. The airline said it wants to “create an environment where all customers, including those with peanut allergies, feel safe and welcome.”

Are airlines still giving out peanuts?

Dust or traces of nuts may still be present in the cabin or in other meals and snacks on board. Peanuts have been removed from flights and lounges as a bar snack and the airline is offering nut-free meals.

How do you get a peanut allergy on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines suggests that customers should always indicate a “peanut dust allergy” when booking a flight. Customers can notify the airline of the allergy during and after booking on Southwest.com or at the airport.

When did they stop serving peanuts on planes?

“However, to ensure the best onboard experience for everyone, especially customers with peanut allergies, we have made the difficult decision to stop serving peanuts on all flights from August 1.”

Why did Southwest get rid of peanuts?

Southwest Airlines will stop serving peanuts this summer, citing allergy concerns. Southwest Airlines will stop serving peanuts starting August 1. The decision comes after Southwest and other airlines tackled passenger allergies.

Does Southwest still give out drinks?

Currently, the airline only serves coke, diet coke, 7 up and water as drink options. At the height of the pandemic, Southwest only served water on demand. When drink service resumes, the airline will resume accepting its drink coupons, including coupons that expired during the pandemic.

Why are peanuts banned on airplanes?

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that they are free of particles or peanut oil. Southwest also said it couldn’t stop passengers from bringing peanuts on board its flights….JetBlue.

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Why do planes give peanuts?

Peanuts were inexpensive for airlines and allowed them to cut down on extravagant meals. Delta Airlines, whose home state of Georgia is the top producer of peanuts in the United States, served peanuts, cheese and crackers to passengers on flights when no meals were being served [3].

Why do airline peanuts taste so good?

As the plane rises, the air pressure drops while the humidity drops. At around 30,000 feet, the humidity is below 12%, which is drier than most deserts. The combination of dryness and low pressure reduces your taste buds’ sensitivity to sweet and salty foods by about 30%.

Why did airlines get rid of peanuts?

On Jan. 1, the low-cost airline will stop serving peanuts on board its planes, the carrier announced Monday. The airline is one of several major carriers to discontinue the long-time packaged airplane snack because some passengers suffer from peanut allergies, which can cause serious and even life-threatening reactions.

Are there peanuts on Southwest Airlines flights?

Southwest will no longer serve peanuts on flights. Southwest Airlines will no longer serve peanuts on board starting August 1. Citing passenger allergies, the airline announced this week that it would discontinue peanut service.

Why are there no peanuts on American Airlines?

Citing passenger allergies, the airline announced this week that it would discontinue peanut service. The cut may seem rather inconsequential, but the peanut is almost inextricably tied to the airline’s history.

What types of snacks are available on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines: Pretzels, BelVita Biscuits, Wheat Thins and, on long flights, Fritos and Cinnamon Cookies. American Airlines: Biscoff cookies, pretzels. Delta Air Lines: Peanuts, Pretzel Perfection Snack Mix, Kind Bars, Biscoff Cookies.

Can you buy pretzels on Southwest Airlines flights?

Or check out the selections ahead of time. Pretzels are always free along with an assorted list of soft drinks. Cocktails, beer and wine can also be purchased on board. All major credit cards are accepted, but we no longer accept cash.