Where is the power outlet at United Airlines?

Traveling on United Airlines but need to charge your devices? Like most major airlines today, United offers in-seat power outlets and USB ports on most of its aircraft so you can keep your cell phone, laptop, tablet or other electronics powered up during your flight.

Knowing ahead of time where and how to access the power outlets on your specific United aircraft can be invaluable, especially for longer flights where you’ll want to use your devices for entertainment or work. Nothing’s worse than having your gadgets die mid-flight when you could have charged up.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly where to find power on all types of United planes and things to keep in mind to make sure your devices are charging during your travels.

Key Takeaways: Where to Find Power on United Airlines

  • United offers AC power outlets and USB ports at most seats on its 737, 757, 767, 777, 787 Dreamliner, and A320 aircraft. Location varies by seat type and configuration.
  • First class seats have easy access to power at each seat on all aircraft types.
  • In economy, look for outlets at seats near galleys and bulkheads which may have different configurations.
  • If your seat doesn’t have power, ask the crew if any is available, especially on long-haul routes.
  • Bring your own power adapter if needed – United does not provide them. Be aware of shared outlet limitations.
  • Older United planes like 747s may have no power outlets, or very limited options.
  • Check your specific aircraft and seat assignment in advance to confirm where and what kind of outlets you’ll have.

Power Outlet Locations on United Planes

The availability, location and type of power outlets on United Airlines can vary widely depending on the specific aircraft type and seating configuration. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what to expect on all of United’s mainline fleet:

United 737 Power Outlets

The Boeing 737 is United’s primary aircraft for domestic routes. Most 737s in United’s fleet have been retrofitted to add power access at every seat in first class, as well as at least partial access in Economy Plus and coach.

First Class

  • AC power outlets and USB ports at every seat
  • Usually side-mounted on aisle side console or under the armrest

Economy Plus

  • Rows with just 2 seats on each side will have AC outlets between the seats
  • Rows with 3 seats on each side will have 1 outlet accessible for the A & C seats
  • Shared with your rowmate – bring an outlet splitter/USB hub as needed

Coach Economy

  • Rows with just 2 seats on each side will have AC outlets between the seats
  • Some 3-seat rows have floor-mounted outlets for the A seat or between A & C
  • Other rows have no outlets
  • Ask crew if any open power outlets are available, especially on long flights

So in United 737 economy, focus on selecting seats in rows with just two seats, near galleys/lavs, or the bulkhead rows for the best chance at power access. Avoid 3-seat rows in the middle of the plane.

United 757 Power Outlets

United’s 757-200s and 757-300s also offer decent power availability on board, though access can also be hit-or-miss depending on your seat location.

First Class

  • AC and USB at every seat
  • Under the armrest or side console

Economy Plus

  • Rows with just 2 seats have shared AC outlet between seats
  • Some bulkhead rows have floor outlets
  • Other rows may have no power


  • Very limited – mostly bulkhead rows or rows near galleys/lavs
  • Other rows unlikely to have outlets
  • Ask crew if any open outlets available during flight

So focus on the first few rows of economy, bulkheads, and 2-seat rows for best power chances. Avoid seats far back in the cabin.

United 767 Power Outlets

United’s Boeing 767-300s and 767-400s offer power outlets throughout first and business class. In economy the options are more limited based on seat location:

First Class

  • AC power and USB at every suite
  • Side console or side table

Business Class

  • AC power and USB at every lie-flat seat
  • Between seats or under armrest

Economy Plus

  • Rows with 2 seats have shared outlet between seats
  • Some bulkhead rows have floor outlets
  • Other rows likely have no power


  • Very limited options
  • Some bulkhead or two-seat rows may have floor/shared outlets
  • Other rows unlikely to have power access
  • Ask crew for open outlets on long flights

Again, aim for bulkheads, two-seat rows, or the first few economy rows for best luck. The further back in coach you go, the less likely you’ll have a power option.

United 777 Power Outlets

United’s fleet of Boeing 777-200 and 777-300ER aircraft offer power outlets throughout the cabin, though access varies by seat:

First Class

  • AC and USB at every suite
  • Side consoles, side tables, or under armrest

Business Class

  • AC and USB at every lie-flat seat
  • Between seats and under armrests

Economy Plus

  • Most rows have shared AC outlets between seats
  • Some floor outlets on select bulkheads
  • Other bulkhead rows may have no power


  • Most 3-seat rows have access – between A&C or C&D seats
  • Some 2-seat rows have shared outlets between seats
  • Few floor outlets on select bulkheads
  • Ask crew for other open outlets if needed

Power should be more widely available in economy on United’s 777s – focus on the C,D, E, F seats in 3-seat rows for best access.

United 787 Dreamliner Power

United’s fleet of modern Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft offer power at every seat throughout the plane.

All Classes

  • AC power outlets and USB ports at every seat
  • Mostly under seat, some side consoles in first/business

The 787 cabin is designed for maximum power availability. You’ll have easy access no matter where your seat is. The under-seat outlets are easy to access and shared outlets have splitter switches to share the connection.

United A320 Family Power

United’s large fleet of Airbus A319, A320, and A321 jets offer power outlets based on configuration:

First Class

  • AC power and USB at every seat
  • Under seat or side consoles

Economy Plus & Coach

  • Very limited power outlets
  • Mostly none, or only at select bulkhead rows
  • Ask crew for other open outlets

Avoid the A320 family if you need seat power in economy – opt for a 737 or 757 if possible on domestic routes. Access is very minimal outside of first class on these planes.

Regional Jet Power Considerations

On United Express regional flights operated by partners, power options are generally very limited or non-existent in economy – don’t count on charging devices unless you’re in first class on these smaller planes.

Tips for Charging Devices on United Flights

Once you know what type of aircraft and seat you’ll be on, here are some key tips to make the most of the power outlets available during your United flight:

  • Bring your own adapter – United does not provide adapters to use the outlets, so have the correct one for your devices.
  • Share outlets politely – If sharing with seatmates, ask before plugging in and be mindful of each others charging needs.
  • Use a splitter/hub if needed – For shared outlets, bring a mini USB hub or AC splitter to connect multiple devices.
  • Charge during meal services – Power down devices while cabin crew are actively serving so outlets are accessible.
  • Ask crew for open outlets – If your row has no power, politely ask crew if there are any open outlets you can use during the flight.
  • Bring backup batteries – For older planes with no outlets, have a spare battery pack for your essential electronics.
  • Switch to Airplane Mode – Enable Airplane Mode on devices to conserve battery when outlets aren’t available.
  • Avoid older jets – Opt for 737s, 777s or 787s if you need power. Avoid 747s, A320s.
  • Check seat assignments – Use online seat maps to choose seats with outlet access when booking.

With the right seat selection and preparations, you can almost always find a way to keep your devices powered up on United Airlines flights. Follow these tips and you’ll stay charged on your journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power on United Airlines

Can I request a seat with power outlets when booking my flight?

Yes, you can try to request a seat with power outlet access when booking your flight on United’s website or app. Use the online seat maps to check for seats with outlets near galleys, bulkheads, or two-seat rows. Whether or not you get these exact seats depends on availability at booking. You can also call United to make seat requests.

What type of outlets and plugs does United offer?

Most United planes offer standard 110v North American AC power outlets at seats. Some older jets may havecigarette-lighter style EmPower outlets instead which work with USB adapters. The airline does not provide adapters, so bring your own.

Can I bring a portable charger on board?

Yes, portable USB battery packs are allowed on all United flights, as long as they meet lithium battery size limits. These can be very useful for older United planes with no power outlets. Make sure battery packs are in your carry-on, not checked luggage.

Are the power outlets at seats limited in how much energy they supply?

Yes, the onboard seat power outlets on United have wattage limits, usually around 75-100W max. This is enough to safely charge laptops, phones, tablets, and other small electronics. Large devices like hairdryers usually won’t work. Don’t try to plug in high-draw devices.

What are the best seats on United planes for power?

The best seats for power are typically in first/business class, exit rows, bulkhead rows, and economy rows with just 2 seats on each side. Worst are usually the 3-seat rows in the middle economy cabin on narrowbody aircraft. 787s have power at every seat.

Does United offer inflight WiFi so I can work on devices?

Yes, most United mainline aircraft offer WiFi connectivity available for purchase inflight, so you can work, surf and stream on your devices. Speeds are generally decent but it can get slow with many users. First class customers may get free WiFi.

Summary – Finding Your Power on United

Despite some variability depending on aircraft and seat, United does try to offer power outlets at every seat on most of its planes today. Knowing ahead of time what to expect for your flight is key to keeping your devices charged inflight.

Focus on first class, exit rows, bulkheads and two-seat economy rows for best access. 737s, 757s, 767s, 777s, and 787 Dreamliners have increasingly universal power, while older 747s and A320s are lacking. Share outlets politely with seatmates. Ask the crew if you need help finding an open outlet.

By following the tips provided and choosing your seats wisely, you can avoid dead devices and make the most of United’s inflight power access to stay productive and entertained all flight long. Safe travels!