Where was Flight 77 heading?

Where was Flight 77 heading?

Los Angeles International Airport
American Airlines Flight 77

Origin of flight Washington Dulles International Airport
Destination Los Angeles International Airport
Passengers 58 (including 5 hijackers)
Crew 6

Did any firefighters survive 9/11?

In the aftermath of the attacks, 11 people were rescued from the rubble, including six firefighters and three police officers. A woman was rescued from the rubble near where a West Side Highway pedestrian bridge was. Two PAPD officers, John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, were also rescued.

Are there any survivors of United Airlines Flight 93?

Brave passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 forced the hijackers to crash the plane into an empty field far from its target. I am a survivor of Flight 93. There were no survivors on this plane, but passengers and crew made sure there were hundreds, if not thousands, of survivors on the ground.

How many passengers and crew were there on Flight 93?

Although few human remains were recovered from the site, forensic scientists were ultimately able to positively identify all 33 passengers, seven crew members and four hijackers aboard Flight 93.

When were the remains of Flight 93 returned?

Remains of Flight 93 returned February 26, 2002 / 12:46 PM / AP The remains and property of 40 people who died when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a field in western Pennsylvania on September 11 will be returned to their survivors, the county coroner said. The remains of all but the four plane hijackers will be placed in coffins.

What was the memorial to the victims of Flight 93?

In the weeks following the September 11 attacks, temporary memorials to the victims of United Flight 93 were erected at the Pennsylvania crash site and elsewhere, and in 2002 Congress established the National Flight 93 Memorial to create a permanent tribute to the passengers and crew of the aircraft.