Which airline received the first 787?

Which airline received the first 787?

The 787-8 – Launched by ANA As the first airline to order the Dreamliner, in April 2004, All Nippon Airways (ANA) secured its place as the type’s launch customer. The airline has placed a firm order for 50 aircraft, with deliveries to begin in 2008.

How many 787s have been delivered?

Orders and deliveries by type and year

see talk edit Total orders Total deliveries
787-8 417 377
787-9 888 568
787-10 187 61
Total 1,492 1,006

What is the oldest 787?

The 787 Specials are the oldest According to data from Planespotters, the oldest Boeing 787 is a 787-8 with the registration N7874 and is a test aircraft for Boeing. This aircraft has served as an ecoDemonstrator, testing more than 25 new technologies over the past few years.

Who owns the largest fleet of 787s?

Launch operator of the Boeing 787 program, the Japanese ANA is the largest operator of the 787-8. The carrier took delivery of the first Dreamliner in 2011 and has since begun operating all three 787 variants. ANA currently has 36 787-8s in its fleet.

When was the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivered?

The first 787 was officially delivered to All Nippon Airways (ANA) on September 25, 2011, at the Boeing factory. A ceremony to mark the occasion was also held the following day. On September 27, he flew to Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Who are the largest Boeing 787 orders?

This article lists orders and deliveries for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In September 2018, the largest airline orders came from All Nippon Airways (83), Etihad Airways (71), American Airlines (67) and United Airlines (64).

What did the E stand for in the Boeing 787?

A Boeing 7E7 model. The “E” would be the midpoint of the aircraft, meaning the aircraft would top in factors such as efficiency, economy, and environmental standards. A Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner model. Instead of trying to upgrade the 777, Boeing looked back to see which seat market could be improved.

How many passengers can a Boeing 787 carry?

Trent 1000 engines on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And wings. The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The smaller -8 could accommodate up to 248 passengers in a two-class configuration and fly up to 7,305 nautical miles, almost the distance between New York and Bangkok.