Which airlines currently fly to Bermuda?

Which airlines currently fly to Bermuda?

Live from the United States

Delta Flights JetBlue flights
American Airlines flights United Flights

What is the best way to get to Bermuda?

2 By air. Fly to Bermuda for the ultimate island experience. Many first-time visitors are surprised to learn that Bermuda is a 90-minute nonstop flight from New York, less than a 3-hour flight from most U.S. East Coast travel hubs, and 7 hour flight from London.

What are Southwest’s international destinations?


Country Town Airport
Cuba Havana Jose Marti International Airport
Dominican Republic Punta Cana Punta Cana International Airport
Jamaica Montego Bay Sangster International Airport
Mexico Cancun Cancun International Airport

Does Southwest fly to the Caribbean?

Southwest is also increasing flight service to Montego Bay, Jamaica this summer. “We are seeing increased demand for our international routes which already take our customers to Aruba, Cancun, Cozumel, Havana, Los Cabos, Montego Bay, Puerto Vallarta and Punta Cana,” Watterson said.

Which US cities fly direct to Bermuda?

The complete list of direct flights to Bermuda from the United States

  • Delta from JFK to BDA.
  • American Airlines from MIA to BDA.
  • Delta Air Lines from BOS to BDA.
  • Delta Air Lines from ATL to BDA.
  • Delta Air Lines from JFK to BDA.
  • Jetblue Airways Corporation from BOS to BDA.
  • Jetblue Airways Corporation from JFK to BDA.

Do I need a passport to go to Bermuda?

All persons traveling between the United States and Bermuda must present a passport to enter Bermuda or re-enter the United States. Travelers with questions regarding their trip to Bermuda can contact the British Embassy in Washington, DC or any of the British Consulate General offices across the United States.

What is the best month to visit Bermuda?

The best time to visit Bermuda is in March or April, when the temperate weather becomes pleasant for swimming on the beach (but not yet warm enough for swimming). Hotel prices during these months are not as high as they are during Bermuda’s high season, May through October.

Is Bermuda a safe country?

Bermuda has always been considered a safe destination, especially when compared to Caribbean countries like Jamaica. However, there is crime here, and the US State Department has an opinion. Criminal activity continues to take place in St.

Where can you fly direct from Flint?

Non-stop flights

  • Las Vegas (LAS)
  • Nashville (BNA)
  • Sarasota (SRQ)
  • Punta Gorda / Fort. Myers (CEO)
  • Tampa Bay/St. Pete (PIE)
  • Orlando / Sanford (SFB)

Are there any US airlines that fly to Bermuda?

In the United States, several airports offer flights to Bermuda (9 in total). From Atlanta, direct flights are offered by Delta (SkyTeam). From Boston, you can fly nonstop with Delta (SkyTeam) or JetBlue. From Charlotte and Miami you can fly with American Airlines (Oneworld).

Is there a nonstop flight from Washington to Bermuda?

From Washington, you can fly nonstop to Bermuda with United Airlines (Star Alliance). This is a seasonal route that begins in June and ends in September. Unfortunately, there are no alternative airports in Bermuda (BDA) within a 125 mile (200 km) radius.

Are there direct flights from Portugal to Bermuda?

In Portugal, the only airport with a direct connection to Bermuda is Ponta Delgada. From Ponta Delgada, direct flights are offered by Azores Airlines. This is a seasonal route that begins in June and ends in September. There are 2 airports in UK that offer non-stop flights to Bermuda.

What time does British Airways fly from Miami to Bermuda?

One was a passenger on American Airlines flight AA305 from Miami, Florida, which arrived on March 4, and the second arrived on British Airways flight BA2233 from London Gatwick on March 6.