Which airlines fly from Melbourne FL?

Which airlines fly from Melbourne FL?

Domestic Flights from Melbourne Direct flights to Atlanta are offered by Delta (SkyTeam). The only airline with direct flights to Charlotte is American Airlines (Oneworld). For Concord and Nashville, you can fly with Allegiant. Direct flights to New York are offered by Elite Airways.

Does Allegiant depart from Melbourne, Florida?

Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) is the gateway to Melbourne, Florida on the Central Florida Coast. Allegiant operates from the main terminal with shopping and dining options before and after security.

Can you fly direct from Melbourne to Florida?

No airline operates a direct flight between Melbourne and Orlando.

What airports are near Melbourne, Florida?

Nearest Airport to Melbourne, FL, USA

  • Orlando Melbourne International Airport (4.2 kilometres)
  • Orlando International Airport (48.9 miles / 78.8 kilometers)
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport (61.4 miles / 98.8 kilometers)
  • Daytona Beach International Airport (80.6 miles / 129.7 kilometers)

Does Allegiant Air serve Florida?

Instead of flying to all cities, the airline only flies to select regional airports where demand is high. Fly to major US destinations like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Hawaii, California, Myrtle Beach and various locations in Florida.

How much are flights from NY to Florida?

Florida to New York flight information

Flights depart from Florida (MCO)
Average price $188.47
Good deal $75.78
Cheapest airlines Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines
Popular airlines Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines

How long is the flight from Melbourne to Florida?

The total flight time from Melbourne, Australia to Florida is 19 hours and 51 minutes.

How long is the flight from Melbourne to California?

15 hours 38 minutes
The average duration of direct flights is 15 hours 38 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Melbourne to California takes 15 hours 38 minutes.


Which airlines fly from Orlando Melbourne International Airport?

MLB is the code for Orlando Melbourne Intl. airport of . Which airlines fly to Orlando Melbourne Intl. (MLB)? Airlines departing from Orlando Melbourne Intl. (MLB) include: Delta, American Airlines. What is the most popular airline flying out of Airport (MLB)? is the most popular airline operating from the airport (MLB).

Are there flights from Melbourne airport?

There are no results found for this search. Please note that Melbourne Airport makes no warranties, statements or representations, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this flight information.

What is the best airline to fly from Orlando?

Airlines departing from Orlando Melbourne Intl. (MLB) include: American Airlines, Delta.

What types of airlines serve MLB Airport?

Airlines Served MLB Airport serves many airlines including American Airlines, American Eagle, Delta Airlines, and more. See the full list of airlines served at MLB Airport.