Which airlines fly from St. Petersburg to Florida?

Which airlines fly from St. Petersburg to Florida?

Airlines that service PIE include Allegiant Air, Sunwing Airlines and Sun Country Airlines and PIE also provides charter service to Beau Rivage Casino in Gulfport, Biloxi, MS. Here is a list of domestic and international flights served by St.

Which Tampa airport is pie?

St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport / Code

Is St Pete Clearwater airport the same as Tampa?

Tampa has the main airport known as TIA, Tampa International Airport. St Pete has PIE, Pinellas International Airport also known as St Petersburg Clearwater Airport which is a smaller airport with Coast Guard, UPS and Allegiance airline.

Is Saint Pete Beach better than Clearwater?

Much more to do in general in Clearwater Beach… more people on the beaches, etc. St. Pete is great too but we always found it much more laid back than Clearwater, less things to do and fewer people on the beach.

Why is Clearwater Airport called Pie?

After World War II, the U.S. government gave ownership of the airport to Pinellas County to operate as a commercial airport. It was originally called Pinellas International Airport and had the airport call letters, PIE.

Where does Allegiant Airlines fly to and from?

Allegiant serves 117 airports in the United States with flights serving small and mid-sized cities to prime destinations like Las Vegas, Florida, Cincinnati and more!

What is the longest Allegiant Airlines flight?

Its longest flight within the continental United States is from Cincinnati to Los Angeles (approximately 1,900 miles), and its reservation system does not allow travelers to book multi-leg flights (e.g., from Oakland to Cleveland via Phoenix, although the airline operates both sectors). ^ a b “Allegiant adds two new cities in six-route expansion”.

How old do you have to be to fly on Allegiant Airlines?

Passengers under the age of 14 on the date of travel are considered children. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a passenger 15 years or older on the same booking.