Which airlines fly to Argentina?

Which airlines fly to Argentina?

Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas and American Airlines most often fly from the United States to Argentina.

Which cities offer direct flights to Buenos Aires?

Many cities in the United States offer direct flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina. New York and Miami are the most common and cheapest destinations. Additionally, there are nonstop flights from Washington DC, Atlanta, and Houston.

What is the main airport in Argentina?

Ministro Pistarini International Airport
– Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Ezeiza (EZE) Argentina’s largest airport is located in Ezeiza, 32 km (20 miles) from downtown Buenos Aires.

Is Argentina expensive to travel?

Argentina is a notoriously expensive country. Years of economic mismanagement and economic depression have resulted in rampant inflation, a black currency market, and high prices for just about everything.

Do you need a passport to go to Argentina?

Entry/exit requirements for US citizens: US citizens need a valid passport to enter Argentina. Private US citizens do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days for tourism or business. Holders of diplomatic or official passports must obtain a visa before arrival.

When is the best time of year to go to Argentina?

We consider spring (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June) in Argentina to be the best times to visit Argentina, avoiding the tourist crowds and high season prices.

How long is the flight from California to Argentina?

The total flight time from California to Buenos Aires, Argentina is 13 hours and 3 minutes.

How safe is Argentina?

How safe is Argentina? Argentina is considered one of the safest countries in South America. Nevertheless, you should keep your eyes peeled when visiting cities like Rosario, Cordoba or Mendoza.

Do you need a visa for Argentina?

Where can I find cheap flights to Argentina?

At Expedia, we’re here to help you find cheap flights to Argentina that won’t drain your bank account. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling getaway or a leisurely journey, you’ll find myriad ways to customize every aspect of your adventure.

Is there an airport in Buenos Aires Argentina?

Buenos Aires is 27 km from Ministro Pistarini Airport (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Currently, 32 airlines operate from Ministro Pistarini airport. Ministro Pistarini Airport offers non-stop flights to 31 cities. Every week, at least 24 domestic flights and 172 international flights depart from Ministro Pistarini Airport.

How do I know if I can travel to Argentina?

Visit the CDC’s travel and COVID-19 webpage. Sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive alerts and make it easier to locate you in the event of an emergency. Follow the Department of State on Facebook and Twitter. View the crime and safety report for Argentina.

How to travel from Buenos Aires to southern Patagonia?

You can also fly to Punta Arenas Airport (PUQ), the main airport in Chilean Patagonia, and cross the border to El Calafate in southern Patagonia. You can also rent a car or take a bus from Buenos Aires to Argentine Patagonia, but this will require at least an extra day of travel.