Which airlines fly to Austin TX?

Which airlines fly to Austin TX?

Airlines departing from Austin

  • Southwest Airlines (WN)43 destinations.
  • American Airlines (AA)34 destinations.
  • Allegiant (G4)21 destinations.
  • Spirit Airlines (NK)11 destinations.
  • Delta (DL)10 destinations.
  • United Airlines (UA)8 destinations.
  • Alaska (AS)8 destinations.
  • JetBlue (B6)6 destinations.

Does Southwest start from Texas?

Southwest is rolling out new spring flights to Florida, Texas and the Caribbean. Southwest Airlines is adding flights to Florida, Texas and the Caribbean in early March. The new nonstop, all-seasonal service was announced as Southwest extended its flight schedule through April 7.

Which airport does Southwest depart from to Austin?

Austin-Bergström International Airport
Southwest Airlines often flies to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, making it easy to plan your next visit to Lone Star State.

Where does Southwest fly in Florida?


Country Town Airport
United States (Florida) Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport
Jacksonville Jacksonville International Airport
Orlando Orlando International Airport
palm beach Palm Beach International Airport

Is there only one airport in Austin Texas?


Which air hub is in Austin TX?

South West Airlines
AUS is the third busiest airport in Texas after Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. The airport offers more than 500 daily flights to more than 70 destinations in North America and Europe. The airport handled over 15 million passengers in 2018. It is a target city for Southwest Airlines.

What time does Southwest Airlines depart Austin?

Details about Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. * Based on average scheduled flights published by DOT Monday through Friday from 2021/01/29 to 2021/03/31, 2021/02/04. Why fly southwest? Your luggage flies for free, because nothing should be left behind.

What is the best airline to fly from Austin?

1 American Airlines (Book now, service begins June 3, 2021) 2 Delta Air Lines 3 JetBlue Airways

Is there a southwest flight from San Antonio?

Traveling from San Antonio. Southwest proudly serves San Antonio International Airport. Living in the River City has many advantages, but if you’re looking for different sights and sounds, Southwest can take you there. Whether you’re looking for rugged peaks or rolling plains, Southwest can help you explore new places.

How many international destinations does Southwest Airlines serve?

Southwest Airlines flies to 102 domestic destinations and 9 international destinations in 7 countries, as of March 2021.