Which airport do you fly into Ko Olina Hawaii?

Which airport do you fly into Ko Olina Hawaii?

The closest airport to Ko Olina is Honolulu (HNL).

Does Marriott Ko Olina have an airport shuttle?

Yes, a shuttle is offered by Kapolei Mall for guests staying at Ko Olina.

How far is Marriott Ko Olina from the airport?

about 20 miles
Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club is approximately 20 miles from Honolulu International Airport.

Is Ko Olina a good place to stay?

Waikiki, Ko Olina and North Shore are the best places to stay on Oahu. Waikiki and Ko Olina offer a selection of family and luxury resorts, all located within 1.5 square miles with beach access. The fine selection of places to stay and the plentiful activities make these places to stay and leisure resorts.

What side of the island is Ko Olina Hawaii on?

Western coast
Ko Olina Beach Park is a public park located on the west side of the island of Oahu, Hawaii within the resort community of Ko Olina, part of the City and County of Honolulu. Located at the end of several high-end resorts, the park is located between the man-made lagoon and Ko Olina marina.

Where is Uber at Honolulu Airport?

Once you’ve received a request, meet your passenger at one of two Uber pickup areas: For Terminal 1 pickups, you can pick up passengers from the Departures level on the second middle across from Concourse 2. Pickups from Terminal 2, meet your passengers on the Departures level at the second median across from Concourse 8.

How to get to Ko Olina?

Getting to Ko Olina Lagoons The resorts and beaches of Ko Olina are located just beyond the Ewa Beach area on the southwestern tip of Oahu. It will take you a good 45-60 minutes if driving from Waikiki. Even with the limited number of parking spaces available, driving your own vehicle will be one of your best options.

What’s the nicest part of Oahu?

Oahu Best Neighborhoods to Stay

  • Southern Oahu (Waikiki/Honolulu – including Kahala)
  • Leeward Waianae (including Makaha and Ko Olina)
  • North Shore (Haleiwa to Turtle Bay)
  • East Wind (Kaneohe / Kailua)