Which side of Hawaii is windward?

Which side of Hawaii is windward?

The east coast of Oahu, also known as Windward Oahu, is located 30 minutes from Waikiki and Honolulu and is well worth a drive as the coastal drive is scenic and varied.

Which direction is Kona facing?

“Kona” is a Polynesian word for “downwind”. Kona winds come from the opposite direction of the trades – from the south and west facing lee sides. They can be b and gusty, and bring hot and humid conditions to Hawaii.

How do I know if I have windward or leeward?

The windward side of an island faces the prevailing winds, or trade winds, while the leeward side of the island faces away from the wind, sheltered from the prevailing winds by hills and mountains.

Is Kona considered the Big Island?

Kailua-Kona: The Big Island’s Sunny Outdoor Capital The west coast of the Big Island is known as the “Kona Side,” and Kailua-Kona is its bustling center.

What is the best side of Oahu to stay?

Oahu Best Neighborhoods to Stay

  • Southern Oahu (Waikiki/Honolulu – including Kahala)
  • Leeward Waianae (including Makaha and Ko Olina)
  • North Shore (Haleiwa to Turtle Bay)
  • East Wind (Kaneohe / Kailua)

Is Laie on the windward side?

Good to Know: The Windward Side This also explains why the Windward side of O’ahu is such a lush and beautiful place. When the air reaches Hawaiʻi, it drops most of its moisture along the eastern seaboard as it is blown over the volcanoes, making this side of the island a bit cooler and lusher than the rest. of the island.

Is Kona Hawaii a good place to live?

All in all, if you’re more interested in a lively neighborhood with restaurants, bars, and shopping, Kona is probably the right side of the island for you. If you’ve long dreamed of living in a home surrounded by nature, a home where you can’t even see your neighbors, try Hilo.

Is Kailua Kona safe?

Kailua-Kona is generally a very beautiful and safe place. Its seaside resorts, in particular, are almost completely crime-free. However, as it is a destination that attracts a large number of tourists, visitors to the region are advised to apply common sense safety advice, especially when leaving their resort areas.

What do they grow and eat downwind?

Leeward: fruit trees, such as limes, mangoes, coconuts, etc.

What is the leeward side of Kona Island?

Despite its modern amenities, Kona is a rural area with lots of heart, mild weather, and calm seas. Kona means “leeward side”. You may have heard of the terms leeward and windward to describe the different sides of the islands. Leeward is the side of the island that faces the incoming winds.

Is the south side of Hawaii leeward or windward?

On the other hand, the south and/or west sides of the islands are leeward. The following satellite map of the Big Island of Hawaii illustrates this climate trend. The greener sides are mostly on the east side of the island, while the drier sections are on the west side. Now let’s look at a satellite image of all of the Hawaiian Islands as a whole.

What is the difference between windward and leeward winds?

When the trade winds hit a volcanic mountain, the air cools and creates clouds. Then the clouds produce rain on the windward side. The lee side is the driest side or the side where the trade winds pass after touching a mountain. The windward side is the wettest side.

What does Kona mean in the Hawaiian language?

In the Hawaiian language, kona means leeward or dry side of the island, as opposed to ko’olau which means windward or wet side of the island.