Which terminal is Frontier Airlines at Orlando Airport?

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is one of the busiest airports in the United States. With its central location in Florida and status as a major hub for many airlines, MCO served over 50 million passengers in 2019 alone.

If you are flying Frontier Airlines to or from Orlando, you may be wondering: which terminal is Frontier Airlines located in at Orlando International Airport?

Knowing which terminal to go to can save precious time when navigating this large and busy airport. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to easily find the Frontier Airlines terminal at MCO.

Overview of Orlando International Airport

First, let’s start with some background information on Orlando International Airport to get better acquainted with the overall layout. This context will make it easier to understand where the Frontier terminal is situated relative to the rest of the airport’s facilities.

Main Airport Terminals

Orlando International Airport has four passenger terminals:

  • Terminal A – Home to Air Canada, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines
  • Terminal B – Home to Alaska, Boutique Air, Delta, Frontier, and JetBlue Airlines
  • Terminal C – Home to Bahamasair, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines
  • Terminal D – Currently unused

So right away we can see that Frontier Airlines operates out of Terminal B.

Terminals A and B are Orlando’s busiest terminals, handling many domestic flights. Terminal C is smaller and handles some international travel.

Airport Layout

Orlando International Airport is designed in a simple, user-friendly layout:

  • Terminals A and B run parallel to each other on the north side of the airport.
  • Terminal C is on the south side.
  • The Landside Terminal connects the three passenger terminals. This is where ticketing, baggage claim, ground transportation pick-up/drop-off are located.

The airsides of Terminals A, B, and C are directly accessible once passengers pass through security checkpoints located inside the Landside Terminal.

This straightforward configuration makes it easy to navigate between Orlando’s different terminals.

Finding Frontier Airlines in Terminal B

Now that you are oriented to the overall Orlando airport layout, let’s zoom in on the details of locating Frontier Airlines’ facilities within Terminal B.

Frontier Check-In Desks

After entering the Landside Terminal, Frontier Airlines check-in counters can be found in the northernmost section adjacent to the Terminal B security checkpoint.

Look for large signs reading “Frontier Airlines” or “Check-In B” to locate the Frontier check-in desks. Airport staff and volunteers are also available to provide directions.

Allow extra time to check bags here if required. Lines at airline counters can be long, especially during peak travel periods.

frontier airlines check in counters orlando airport terminal bOnce you have your boarding pass, proceed towards the TSA security checkpoint for Terminal B.

Terminal B Security Checkpoint

The Terminal B security checkpoint is located just past the Frontier Airlines check-in counters.

Clearing security is required to access any of the airline gates inside Terminal B, including the Frontier gates.

Have your boarding pass and ID ready to show the TSA agents. Be sure to remove laptops and liquids from carry-on bags before screening.

After passing through security, you will enter the main airside concourse of Terminal B. This is where Frontier’s gate area is located.

Finding Frontier Gates in Terminal B Airside

Once inside Terminal B airside, Frontier Airlines uses gates B27 – B33 on the eastern side of the terminal.

Terminal B has two levels – on the lower level are gates B30 – B36, while gates B25 – 29 are upstairs via escalator or elevator. Frontier uses gates on both levels.

The entire terminal is well-signed, so keep an eye out for prominent “Gates B25-B36” signage overheard. There are also large illuminated displays listing upcoming flight departures and gate assignments.

Check your boarding pass or these displays to find your exact assigned Frontier gate number in the B25 – B36 range.

Proceed to your gate and wait to board your flight. The boarding process typically starts 30-45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Be sure to arrive at the gate with ample time to board during your boarding group. Feel free to grab a snack or magazine for the flight while waiting to board.

Baggage Claim for Frontier Airlines

After landing at Orlando Airport, follow signs reading “Baggage Claim” to retrieve your checked bags.

All airline baggage claim areas are located on Level 1 of the Landside Terminal.

frontier airlines baggage claim carousels orlando airportLook for signs or monitors to find the specific baggage carousel assigned to your Frontier Airlines flight.

Frontier typically uses Carousels 1-3 or 8-12 for bag delivery at Orlando, but check displays to confirm.

Don’t forget to grab all your checked bags before exiting the baggage claim area.

Tips for Navigating Orlando International Airport

Here are some additional tips to make navigating Orlando’s terminals and finding your Frontier gate as smooth as possible:

  • Allow plenty of extra time. Orlando International Airport is the 7th busiest airport in the US. Give yourself at least 2-3 hours to check bags, get through security, find your gate, and board.
  • Print or download your boarding pass ahead of time. Have it ready along with your ID before approaching check-in and security.
  • Bring food/drinks – Dining and shopping options are limited once past security. Bring a refillable water bottle and snacks to save money and time.
  • Download the MCO app – The free Orlando International Airport app has maps, real-time flight info and parking availability.
  • Sign up for TSA PreCheck – This allows faster security screening, reducing stress and time in line. Consider the investment for frequent flyers.
  • Check terminal maps – There are large terminal maps located throughout the airport showing gate locations and amenities. Use them if you get turned around.
  • Ask for help – Don’t hesitate to ask airport staff or volunteers for directions to Frontier check-in or gates. They are there to help travelers.

Following these airport navigation tips, along with the step-by-step guide above, should make finding Frontier’s terminal a breeze during your travels through Orlando International Airport.

Common Questions about Frontier Airlines at Orlando International Airport

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Frontier Airlines’ facilities at Orlando International Airport:

Does Frontier use Terminal A or C at Orlando Airport?

No, Frontier Airlines operates exclusively out of Terminal B when flying to or from Orlando International Airport. Do not go to Terminals A or C.

What side of Terminal B is Frontier Airlines on?

Frontier gates are located on the easternmost side of Terminal B, in the B25-B36 gate range. Refer to signs overhead pointing towards these gates.

How far is Frontier gate from security in Orlando?

Frontier’s gates are a short 5-10 minute walk from the Terminal B security checkpoint. Just follow signs for Gates B25-B36.

Is Frontier terminal at MCO far from parking?

No – Terminal B is closest to the airport’s on-site garages, parking plaza, and economy lots providing short walks. Use the terminal maps to navigate.

Does Frontier have a lounge at Orlando airport?

Unfortunately Frontier does not operate any airline lounge facilities at Orlando International Airport at this time. Food and drink options are available inside Terminal B.

Can I take tram between Frontier and other MCO terminals?

There is no automated people mover train or tram connecting Orlando’s different terminals. You must walk or take a shuttle bus between terminals.

Is Frontier terminal Orlando airport accessible?

Yes, Terminal B and Frontier facilities are fully ADA accessible including check-in areas, security checkpoint, gates, and baggage claim. Let agents know if you need assistance.

Hopefully these commonly asked questions about Frontier’s location at OIA are also helpful answers!

Summary – Finding Frontier Airlines at Orlando International Airport

To quickly recap:

  • Frontier Airlines operates out of Terminal B when flying to/from Orlando International Airport
  • Frontier check-in counters and the Terminal B security checkpoint are located on the northern end of the Landside Terminal
  • After security, follow signs for Gates B25-B36 to reach Frontier’s gate area in Terminal B airside
  • Arrive early to allow time for check-in, security, and boarding
  • Use airport maps, displays and signage to navigate Terminal B and find your assigned gate
  • Retrieve checked bags from Frontier carousels 1-3 or 8-12 in the baggage claim area

Arriving prepared and following this guide will help you swiftly locate Frontier Airlines and complete airport processing when flying to or from Orlando.

Safe and enjoyable travels on your next Frontier Airlines trip through Orlando International Airport!