Which terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at Sacramento airport?

Which terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at Sacramento airport?

Terminal B
Departure Terminal: Hawaiian Airlines uses Terminal B at Sacramento Airport (SMF).

What is the difference between SAC and SMF airport?

Since Sacramento Executive Airport and Sacramento International Airport are in the same time zone, you can call someone during your normal hours and it will be the same time at SMF as it is at SAC. Schedule a phone call from SAC to SMF… What is the difference between SAC and SMF Airport?

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What time should I arrive at Honolulu airport?

Passengers are urged to arrive at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport at least two hours prior to overseas flights and 90 minutes prior to inter-island flights, or as advised by your airline.

How long do you spend above the water when traveling to Hawaii?

Flights from the US West Coast to Hawaii take 5-6 hours, depending on headwinds and departure city (San Francisco is closest to the islands), so that means at the point of no return , you are 2.5 up to 3 hours drive from land.

How are the Sacramento International Airport terminals?

There are two terminals at the airport – Terminals A and B – each of which has two large departure halls. Additionally, there is also a separate building for international arrivals. The two terminals – A and B – are systematically laid out, with Check-in and Departures on the upper levels and Arrivals and Baggage Claim on the ground floor.

Which airlines fly to Sacramento Airport?

Sacramento Airport’s Terminal B is served by Aeromexico, Alaska, Contour, Frontier, Hawaiian, Horizon, Jet Blue, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country and Volaris. Passengers can move between terminals with a free airport shuttle.

Where is Jetblue Terminal B in Sacramento SMF?

Currently, Terminal A’s jet bridge is under repair, requiring JetBlue Airlines to move to Terminal B indefinitely. Terminal B on Airport Blvd. The west with gates B4-B23 is currently served by Aeromexico, Alaska, Hawaiian, Horizon, JetBlue Southwest and Volaris (passenger pick-up for southwestern arrivals is at gates 1 and 3).

Where are the departure gates at Sacramento Airport?

Sacramento Airport’s Terminal A hosts gates A1 through A5 and A10 through A17 located on the upper level. It is served by the following carriers: Air Canada, American, United and Delta Airlines. Terminal B. Sacramento Airport’s Terminal B hosts gates B4 through B12 and B14 through B23.