which terminal is spirit airlines at mco

As you plan your upcoming trip to Orlando, one burning question may be on your mind: Which terminal does Spirit Airlines operate from at Orlando International Airport (MCO)? Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a first-time visitor, understanding the terminal layout and amenities can greatly enhance your travel experience.

Orlando International Airport, also known as MCO, is a bustling hub with various terminals serving different airlines. Terminal information plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless journey. So, let’s dive into the specifics and uncover the exact location of Spirit Airlines at MCO.

Proceeding further into the article, you’ll unearth valuable details about the terminal layout, available services, transfer options, and facilities offered by Spirit Airlines at Orlando International Airport. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, enhancing your knowledge of MCO’s terminal operations and making your Spirit Airlines experience even more enjoyable.

Let’s start with the question at hand and find out which terminal Spirit Airlines calls home at Orlando International Airport. Are you ready to explore? Read on to satisfy your curiosity!

Terminal Layout at Spirit Airlines MCO

Levels at Spirit Airlines MCO Terminal

At Orlando International Airport (MCO), Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal A. This terminal is composed of three levels, each serving different purposes and providing various services to passengers.

Level 1: Ground Transportation and Baggage Claim

The first level of Terminal A is dedicated to ground transportation and baggage claim. Here, you will find convenient access to taxis, shuttles, car rentals, and other ground transportation options. Additionally, the baggage claim area is located on this level, making it easy for travelers to retrieve their luggage upon arrival.

Level 2: Rideshare Pickup and Baggage Claim

The second level of Terminal A is where you can conveniently hail rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft for pickup. It is also home to the baggage claim carousels, allowing passengers to collect their checked bags efficiently.

Level 3: Ticketing and Boarding Gates

The third level of Terminal A is divided into two sections: ticket counters and boarding gates. Passengers can visit the ticket counters for check-in, ticket modifications, and other travel-related inquiries. As for the boarding gates, there are two separate airsides within Terminal A.

Airside Boarding Gates Location Security Checkpoint
Airside 1 (West) 1 – 29 Located to the west Separate security checkpoint
Airside 2 (East) 100 – 129 Located to the east Separate security checkpoint

Both airsides have their own security checkpoints, ensuring an efficient screening process for passengers. This layout allows for smoother boarding procedures and reduces congestion within the terminal.

Available Services at Terminal A

Terminal A at MCO offers a range of convenient services to enhance your travel experience. From dining options and retail stores to ATMs and information desks, you’ll find everything you need within the terminal. Additionally, charging stations are available throughout the terminal, allowing you to power up your devices before your flight.


Lounges at Spirit Airlines Terminal MCO

Spirit Airlines lounges

When traveling through Spirit Airlines Terminal A at MCO, eligible passengers have access to two exclusive lounges, namely The Club at MCO and the USO Welcome Center. These lounges provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for travelers to unwind and refresh during their journey.

The Club at MCO is a premium lounge designed to cater to the needs of business and first-class passengers, as well as members of the frequent flyer club program. Upon entering The Club, you’ll be greeted with a serene ambience and a host of amenities. Sink into plush seating arrangements while enjoying complimentary snacks and beverages. Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi or catch up on the latest news on the flat-screen TVs. The Club at MCO offers an oasis of tranquility away from the bustling airport terminals.

The USO Welcome Center at Spirit Airlines Terminal A is dedicated to serving active-duty military personnel, along with their families. This lounge provides a respite for our heroes, offering comfortable seating, refreshments, and a supportive atmosphere. The USO Welcome Center welcomes military personnel from all branches of the armed forces and provides them with a welcoming space before or after their flights.

Both lounges aim to enhance the travel experience by providing a range of amenities and comforts. From cozy seating to complimentary snacks and beverages, these lounges allow passengers to relax and rejuvenate before their flights. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a business traveler, or a member of the armed forces, these lounges offer a serene retreat within Spirit Airlines Terminal A at MCO.

Lounge Amenities
The Club at MCO Comfortable seating, snacks, beverages, Wi-Fi
USO Welcome Center Comfortable seating, refreshments, supportive atmosphere

Transfer Options at Spirit Airlines Orlando Terminal

Automated People Mover

If you need to transfer between terminals at Orlando International Airport, there is a convenient option available: the Automated People Mover (APM). The APM provides a seamless and efficient way to navigate the airport and reach your desired terminal.

The APM allows passengers to access both the Main Terminal and Airside Satellites 1 to 4, making it easy to transfer between different areas of the airport. Located on Level 3 of the Main Terminal, the APM Station serves as a central hub for terminal transfers.

When using the APM, it’s important to note that travel times between terminals may vary depending on the specific airside you are headed to. The APM is designed to streamline the transfer process and minimize travel time, ensuring that you can reach your next destination efficiently and without hassle.

Whether you are arriving or departing, the Automated People Mover is an excellent choice for transferring between terminals at Orlando International Airport. Enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience as you make your way to your next destination.

Travel Times between Terminals

Terminal Travel Time
Main Terminal to Airside 1 Approximately 5 minutes
Main Terminal to Airside 2 Approximately 7 minutes
Main Terminal to Airside 3 Approximately 9 minutes
Main Terminal to Airside 4 Approximately 12 minutes

Facilities Provided by Spirit at Orlando International Airport

Spirit Airlines offers a range of convenient facilities for passengers at Orlando International Airport. Whether you prefer to book your tickets online, at one of the self-service kiosks, or at the counter, Spirit Airlines provides multiple options to suit your needs. If your plans change, you can easily cancel your tickets online or through customer care.

For added comfort and flexibility, seat upgrades are available during the booking process, online check-in, or even at the airport. Spirit Airlines understands that baggage needs may vary, which is why the airline has a baggage allowance policy in place. The baggage allowance depends on the type of ticket you have purchased, ensuring you have the information you need to plan your travels accordingly.

While at Orlando International Airport, you can take advantage of the various amenities available. If you’re driving to the airport, you’ll find parking options conveniently located. Once inside, you can explore the dining options and enjoy a meal before your flight. Additionally, the airport offers a wide range of shopping opportunities, allowing you to browse and pick up any last-minute items you may need.


Q: Which terminal is Spirit Airlines at MCO?

A: Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal A at Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Q: What is the layout of Terminal A at Spirit Airlines MCO?

A: Terminal A at MCO consists of three levels. The first level is for ground transportation and baggage claim. The second level is for rideshare pickup and baggage claim carousels. The third level is the ticketing area, divided into ticket counters and boarding gates.

Q: What amenities are available at Terminal A of Spirit Airlines MCO?

A: Terminal A offers various amenities such as shops, restaurants, ATMs, information desks, charging stations, and more.

Q: Are there lounges available at Spirit Airlines Terminal A in MCO?

A: Yes, Spirit Airlines Terminal A at MCO has two lounges available for eligible passengers: The Club at MCO and the USO Welcome Center. These lounges offer amenities such as comfortable seating, snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi.

Q: How can passengers transfer between terminals at Orlando International Airport?

A: Passengers can use the Automated People Mover (APM) to transfer between terminals. The APM allows access to the Main Terminal and Airside Satellites 1 to 4.

Q: What facilities does Spirit Airlines provide at Orlando International Airport?

A: Spirit Airlines provides facilities such as online ticket booking, kiosks, counter ticketing, online ticket cancellation, customer care, seat upgrades, baggage allowance, parking options, dining, and shopping at the airport.