Who eats Hawaiian monk seals?

Who eats Hawaiian monk seals?

Tiger sharks often prey on Hawaiian monk seals, as evidenced by the shark bites present on many monk seals. Other shark predators include gray reef sharks and white tip reef sharks.

Does Hawaii have a monk seal?

Hawaiian monk seals live in the remote islands of northwest Hawaii. These small islands and atolls are either uninhabited or little frequented by man. They are also surrounded by lush coral reefs, which provide an excellent feeding ground for seals skilled in swimming and diving for fish, lobsters, octopus and eels.

How did the Hawaiian monk seal get to Hawaii?

3.5 to 11.6 million years old. Monk seals make their way to Hawaiʻi, presumably via the Central American Seaway, a previously existing open-water passage between North America and South America.

What animals do monk seals eat?

Although adult Hawaiian monk seals are quite large (over 7 feet long [over 2 meters] and more than 400 books [200 kilos]), they are still taken as prey by some large inshore sharks, especially tiger sharks, and scientists studying Hawaiian monk seals see tiger sharks taking small to medium-sized individuals, near their…

How do you say Hawaiian monk seal in Hawaiian?

The Hawaiian name for the monk seal is “ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua”, which means “dog running in rough water”. They may slightly resemble dogs as they are quite close to canines.

Are Hawaiian monk seals dangerous?

Myth 6: Seals are a risk to human safety because they attack people. Reality: Most monk seals are not aggressive toward people unless they feel threatened (such as when a person comes between a mother seal and her pup).

Do monk seals kill people?

The most recent wave of Hawaiian monk seal killings began on the island of Molokai in November 2011. An 8-year-old male seal was found dead on a secluded beach. The government tries to keep the details of these killings secret, although it is known that some monk seals were beaten to death and others were shot.