Who is in Turkish Airlines advertising?

Who is in Turkish Airlines advertising?

When I first heard this track, I thought the vocals sounded a bit like Sia, but not quite the same. Now, since the original release of the commercial, it has been revealed that the commercial song Go Turkey is performed by a 22-year-old Turkish musician and singer named Sena Sener.

Who sings in the Turkish Airlines 2021 announcement?

Turkish Airlines advertising music is called Fly Above by Mahmut Orhan Feat. Sena Sener.

What is the music on the Turkish holiday ad?

Natsuleo (Turkish Airlines TV Commercial Music) – Single.

What is the turkey commercial song?

The music from the Turkish Airlines commercial The violin music from the 2021 Turkish Airlines commercial is a song titled “Fly Above” produced by Turkish DJ and music producer Mahmut Orhan with vocals provided by Turkish musician and singer from 22 years old Sena Sener.

What is the song about the Turkish holiday advertisement?

Natsuleo (Turkish Airlines TV Commercial Music) – Single.

Who are the actors of Turkish Airlines advertising?

Turkish Airlines – A Ridley Scott Film – The Journey (2019) 6:00 (Turkey) This is the first commercial Ridley Scott has done in 15 years. The film has two stars, Sylvia Hoeks and Istanbul Airport, the main hub to which Turkish Airlines flies more than anywhere else.

What is the name of the song in the Turkish Airlines 2021 commercial?

Turkish Airlines 2021 ad has been released and people desperately need to know what is the name of the song featured in the ad. The announcement takes us back to what the holidays look like, a long-lost memory for most, especially since holiday plans have been put on hold due to the coronavirus.

What other airlines compete with Turkish Airlines?

Competition for Turkish Airlines includes Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, Emirates and other travel industry brands: airlines. You can connect with Turkish Airlines on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Who’s the guy in the Volvo ad?

Fourth place was taken by Volvo Trucks advertising, with Jean-Claude Van Damme. In the clip, the Belgian martial artist stands between two moving trucks and performs the splits in the air as the vehicles move away from each other.