Who is the CEO of Alaska Airlines?

Who is the CEO of Alaska Airlines?

Bradley D. Tilden (May 15, 2012–)
Alaska Airlines/CEO

Ben Minicucci sees exciting growth on the horizon for Alaska Airlines as he takes the helm as CEO, replacing Brad Tilden, who retired last month after a 30-year career.

How much is Brad Tilden worth?

Bradley D Tilden’s estimated net worth is at least $36.9 million as of July 1, 2021. Mr. Tilden owns over 4,875 units of Alaska Air stock worth over $6,516,424 dollars and over the past 17 years he has sold ALK stock worth over $24,895,432.

Does Alaska belong to Delta?

Delta is a founding member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance that offers customers many destinations, flights and services around the world. Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air are wholly owned subsidiaries of Seattle-based Alaska Air Group. Both carriers are also headquartered in Seattle.

Who is Delta’s CEO?

Ed Bastian (May 2, 2016–)
Delta Air Lines/CEO
As CEO of Delta Air Lines, Ed Bastian leads a team of 75,000 global professionals building the world’s leading international airline, powered by a people-centric, customer-focused culture and a spirit of innovation.

Is Alaska Airlines privately owned?

Alaska Air Group is an airline holding company based in SeaTac, Washington, United States. The group has two certified airlines, Alaska Airlines, a main carrier, and Horizon Air, a regional carrier….Alaska Air Group.

Type Audience
Subsidiaries Alaska Airlines Horizon Air
Website alaskaair.com

How much does the CEO of Alaska Airlines make?

Remuneration by company

Name and title The total compensation
Bradley D. Tilden CEO Alaska Total compensation $5,421,098 See details
Benito Minicucci President Alaska Total compensation $5,285,135 See details
Brandon S. Pedersen Former Chief Financial Officer Alaska Total compensation $157,505 See details


Who was the original owner of Alaska Airlines?

1930s The company from which we grew to become Alaska Airlines was born in 1932 when Linious “Mac” McGee painted “McGee Airways” on the side of a three-passenger Stinson and began flying from Anchorage, and mine owner Wesley “Earl” Dunkle loaned pilots Steve Mills, Charlie Ruttan and Jack Waterworth money to start Star Air Service.

When did Star Air Service merge with Alaska Airlines?

The first of these mergers occurred in 1934, when McGee sold his namesake airline for US$50,000 to Star Air Service, an airline also based in Anchorage. This allowed McGee to enter the mining industry. With a fleet of fifteen aircraft, Star Air Service was a dominant airline in Alaska.

Which airlines fly to Alaska?

Other airlines currently contracted to perform additional flights for Alaska Air Group include SkyWest Airlines, Inc., whose Bombardier CRJ700 and Embraer E175 aircraft dedicated to providing services for Alaska Air Group are painted in a very similar way. at Alaska Horizon.

Who are the shareholders of Alaska Air Group?

As of 2017, shares of Alaska Air Group have been held primarily by institutional investors T. Rowe Price, The Vanguard Group and others.