Who owns Gate 1 Travel?

Who owns Gate 1 Travel?

Dani Pipano
Dani Pipano, President and Founder of Gate 1 Travel was on board with many friends, colleagues, several new customers and many of our most loyal frequent flyers.

Is Globus a good travel agency?

The trip was very well organized and the tour guides very professional. We had a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park with Globus. The hotels were first class and very comfortable and the included meals were also very good. Our tour guide Neela was excellent as was our bus driver.

Is there a gate 1?

Gate 1 Travel offers escorted tours, European river cruises, independent vacations, and customized international vacation packages for less. Our discount travel packages and sightseeing packages to destinations around the world offer exceptional value, saving our customers time and money.

Who travels with Exoticca?

Exoticca is a global luxury travel agency and its mission is to make everyone’s dream trip come true. They have a team of around 50 craftsmen and curators who design your trips and stays. They have short and long trip options available. Exoticca is a member of the ABTA Travel Association.

How much do you tip a tour guide at gate 1?

The best source I found was online at Gate 1 Travel. This site recommends that each traveler tip $6 to $7 per day for the guide, $3 per day for the bus driver, and $2 for a separate local guide for each half-day of sightseeing.

Why use a travel agency instead of booking online?

Whether it’s ensuring your hotel is available or whether the tour company is legit, booking through a travel company ensures travelers won’t be fooled. And they provide insurance for medical emergencies and trip cancellations. They are there 24/7. Travel agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are Globus and Trafalgar the same company?

Trafalgar is one of many premium travel brands owned by TTC (The Travel Corporation). The Globus family of brands includes Monograms – which is perfect for travelers who enjoy independent, self-guided travel, Avalon Waterways – which offers luxury river cruises around the world, and Cosmos for travelers on a budget.

Are Globus and Cosmos the same company?

Adam is right, Globus and Cosmos are the same company, Globus is a bit more upmarket, nicer hotels and better located.

Does gate 1 go to Hawaii?

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gate 1 Travel, a leader in escorted and independent international packages, today announced a new line of Hawaiian vacation packages. The 10 independent packages include hotel stays with the option to add flights, car rentals and guided tours starting at $529.

Is Exoticca Atol protected?

We provide full financial protection for our package holidays: for flight-based holidays this is done through our air travel organiser’s license number. [11248]. When you purchase an ATOL Protected Flight or Flight Included Holiday from us, you will receive an ATOL certificate.


Does the Gate1 travel website tell it like it is?

Re: Gate1 Travel Just saying it like it is. We expected good value for money. What we got was great. We have traveled with other companies and have never been disappointed. For the money it was an outstanding trip. If that sounds like a marketing pitch for Gate 1, so be it.

How many employees does Gate 1 travel have?

Gate 1 Travel is an Internet-based travel reservation company that since 1981 has grown into one of the world’s largest low-cost travel providers. With over 400 employees worldwide, Gate 1 Travel offers a wide range of travel options to virtually any corner of the world, and with a myriad of travel choices available.

Where can I book a trip with Gate 1 Travel?

Today, Gate 1 Travel offers travel to 6 of the world’s 7 continents and remains a fully customizable platform for people trying to book travel. We’ve used the platform to book myriad trips to Colombia, the Yucatan Peninsula, and even Germany. This is a recap of our experiences in an honest review style.

How is Gate 1 going in Costa Rica?

My family just returned from a Gate 1 trip to Costa Rica. It was a great trip! The documents they emailed before the trip included vouchers and very useful information. When we arrived at 10pm, a representative from Gate 1 was waiting for us and introduced our driver to the hotel.