Why did Jefferson Airplane change its name to Jefferson Starship?

Why did Jefferson Airplane change its name to Jefferson Starship?

The group changed its name to Starship after Kantner’s departure, and it enjoyed popular hits such as “We Built This City” and “Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now”. Slick briefly retired from performing in 1988 before reuniting with the original members of Jefferson Airplane the following year.

Are Starship and Jefferson Starship the same?

Jefferson Starship briefly performed as “Starship Jefferson” during the legal proceedings, before settling on the shortened name “Starship”. The band hadn’t had a number one hit since the previous incarnation of Jefferson Starship, which released Red Octopus in 1975.

What is Jefferson Airplane slang for?

What does “Jefferson plane” mean? Named in direct reference to the popular counterculture rock band, a Jefferson plane is a matchstick broken into a “V” formation that can be used as an improvised roach clip. This allows the user to smoke the very end of a joint without burning their fingers.

What names did the Jefferson Starship bear?

1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1975. The band went through several major changes in personnel and genres over the years while retaining the Jefferson Starship name….

Jefferson ship
Website www.jeffersonstarship.net
Members David Freiberg Donny Baldwin Chris Smith Cathy Richardson Jude Gold

What did Jefferson Airplane sing at Woodstock?

“Uncle Sam Blues” is yet another anti-war song in the 12 bar blues tradition and sung by Jorma Kaukonen alone. Then Jefferson Airplane performs the formidable “Volunteers” which is now one of the anthems of the Woodstock festival.

Is Jefferson Starship still on tour?

Jefferson Starship is currently touring 8 countries and has 31 upcoming concerts.

Who is still alive from Jefferson Airplane?


Last name active years Instruments
Paul Kantner 1965-1972 1989 1996 (died 2016) rhythm guitar voice
Marty Balin 1965-1971 1989 1996 (died 2018) occasional bass rhythm guitar vocals
Sign Toly Anderson 1965-1966 (died 2016) voice percussion
Bob Harvey 1965 bass

Is Jefferson Starship in the Hall of Fame?

Jefferson Airplane / Hall of Fame Inductions

When did Jefferson Airplane finally become Starship?

Jefferson Airplane actually folded after the release of 1972’s “Long John Silver” album, transforming into the Jefferson Starship for 1974’s “Dragon Fly” album.

Who are the members of the Jefferson Starship band?

Grace Slick is probably the name most closely associated with Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship, even though she wasn’t around from the start. The group was born in 1965 in San Francisco, with a formation of Marty Balin, Paul Kantner, Signe Toly Anderson, Jorma Kaukonen, Bob Harvey and Jerry Peloquin, as reported by Culture Sonar.

How did the Jefferson Airplane Group get its name?

Kaukonen came up with the name of the group, based on the name of a friend’s dog. A 2007 press release quoted Kaukonen saying, “‘I had this friend [Steve Talbot] in Berkeley who came up with fun names for people,” Kaukonen says. “His name to me was Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane (for blues pioneer Blind Lemon Jefferson).

When did Jefferson Starship release their first album?

Between 1974 and 1984, they released eight gold or platinum selling studio albums and one gold selling compilation. The album Red Octopus went double platinum, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1975. The band went through several major personnel and genre changes over the years while retaining the Jefferson Starship name.