Why did Lori Weston leave Hawaii Five-O?

Why did Lori Weston leave Hawaii Five-O?

Lori quit after an incident involving a criminal who took refuge in the Russian consulate. Before leaving, she confessed to McGarrett that she had feelings for him.

How old is Kala Alexander?

52 years old (March 20, 1969)
Kala Alexander/Age

Is McGarrett related to Wo Fat?

Wo Fat (Chinese: 禾发) is the name of a fictional villain from the CBS series Hawaii Five-O. In the show, Wo Fat is the nemesis of Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord and Alex O’Loughlin), the leader of Hawaii’s (fictional) special task force, Five-O.

How old is Eddie Rothman?

He is truly one of a kind and he is now 70 years old.

How tall is Kala Alexander?

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Who is Steve McGarrett married to?

Malia Jones

Alex O’Loughlin
Occupation Actor, writer, director, producer
active years 2001-present
Spouse(s) Malia Jones ​ (d. 2014)​
Children 3


Who are the Ka-Po in Hawaii Five-0?

Their greedy development plans were unconditionally opposed by the “ka-po”, Kawika’s native Hawaiian heritage “militia”, including two recently released ex-convicts whom he exposed, and by regular environmentalists, including Carlton’s estranged son, Ben, who turns out to be Ian’s surprise heir. Written by KGF Vissers Did you know?

Who are the cast of Hawaii Five-0?

(2 episodes, 2017-2018) Krishna Rao (2 episodes, 2017-2018) Tara Miele (2 episodes, 2017) Gabriel Beristain (2 episodes, 2018-2019) Elodie Keene (1 episode, 2010) James Whitmore Jr. (1 episode, 2010) Len Wiseman (1 episode, 2010) Alex Zakrzewski …

Who is the actor who plays Jerry Ortega in Hawaii Five-0?

After winning hearts and laughs as Hurley in Lost, actor Jorge Garcia returned to prime time in season four of Hawaii Five-0, playing conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega. He was propelled to series regular status two seasons later, and his character became an official member of the task force in season 7.

Who was killed in Hawaii Five-0 Season 3?

Unbeknownst to him, this was part of Captain Fryer’s plot to arrest Delano and his associates. Delano was killed by Chin after Five-0 cornered him and his team in the Season 3 premiere. His brother Paul (portrayed by William Baldwin’s real-life brother Daniel) later seeks revenge by drugging and kidnapping Chin.