Why did the city mouse travel by ordinary train?

Why did the city mouse travel by ordinary train?

Answer: The city mouse went to the countryside because the doctor made him do so because he was sick. He traveled on an ordinary train as there was no air-conditioned train available for the village.

What is the moral of the story of the city mouse and the country mouse?

The moral lesson of the city mouse and the country mouse is that it is better to live a peaceful life that has little and is safe than to live in luxury that can end in disaster at any moment. . Although the city mouse had an abundant variety of delicious food, he still had to live in fear that everything would disappear.

What difference do you find between the country mouse and the city mouse?

Answer: The main difference between town and countryside is that town is a settlement larger than a village but smaller than a town and the countryside is a separate geographical region; a broad term that may include political divisions or regions associated with distinct political characteristics.

Was the city mouse really sick? How can you tell?

Answer: He limped around and took a long time, and he flew less and ate less.

Which meal did the field mouse prefer?

When they arrived at the mansion where the city mouse lived, they found on the dining room table the remains of a very beautiful banquet. There were sweets and jellies, pastries, delicious cheeses, indeed, the most tempting foods a mouse could imagine.

What difference do you find between the countryside and the city?

What does country mouse mean by only?

1A mouse who lives in the countryside (originally as a character in fables). 2(Often with an allusion to an Aesop’s fable) a country dweller, especially a stranger to city life.

Why did the doctor advise the city mouse to spend a week in the countryside?

The city mouse wanted to go to the country because she had been sick with a cough and her doctor had advised her to spend a week in the country.


How did the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse meet?

In the original tale, a proud city mouse visits his cousin in the countryside. The Country Mouse offers the City Mouse a meal of simple country cooking, which the visitor scoffs at and invites the Country Mouse back to town for a taste of the “good life” and the two cousins ​​have dinner like emperors.

Where did the field mouse go to sleep?

They then lay down in a cozy nest in the hedge and slept in peace and comfort until morning. In her sleep, the Country Mouse dreamed that she was a Town Mouse with all the luxuries and delights of city life that her friend had described to her.

Where did the field mouse go after the feast?

When at last they returned to the feast, the door swung open and the servants came in to clear the table, followed by the domestic dog. The Country Mouse stopped in the City Mouse’s den just long enough to pick up his carpet bag and umbrella.

Where does the country mouse go in the Silly Symphonies?

Recognizing that city life is too hectic for him, the field mouse prefers to dream of his urban adventure from the safety of his home. The American equivalent was the cartoon Silly Symphonies The Country Cousin (1936), in which the country mouse walks along the train tracks to visit his cousin in town.