Why was Travelin Soldier banned?

Why was Travelin Soldier banned?

Country radio stations removed “Travelin’ Soldier” from their playlists following Maines’ remarks, and within weeks the song was gone.

What year was Dixie Chicks’ Travelin Soldier released?

Traveling Soldier / Freed
“Travelin’ Soldier” was written by Texas singer-songwriter Bruce Robison of Austin, Texas. Robison released the song on his 1999 album Long Way Home From Anywhere. The Chicks recorded it and released it on their 2002 album Home.

Who sang Travelin Soldier for the first time?

Bruce Robinson
“Travelin’ Soldier” is a song originally written and recorded by American country music artist Bruce Robison in 1996 and again, in rewritten form, in 1999. It was later recorded by Ty England on his album from 1999, Highways & Dance Halls.

Who wrote the Dixie Chicks song Travelin Soldier?

Traveling Soldier/Composers

Is Travelin Soldier anti-war?

“’Travelin’ Soldier’, the Dixie Chicks’ current single, is the most powerful anti-war record of the moment. That’s partly because it’s the one now heard by the most people. But it’s also because the song, written by Bruce Robison, doesn’t take your eyes off the inevitable human costs of war.

What instruments are used in Travelin Soldier?

Title: traveling soldier
Tools: Voice, range: A3-A4 Piano Guitar
Ratings: Piano/Vocals/Chords
Original published key: An important
Type of product: Music notes

Who sang Travelin Soldier?

The chicks
Traveling soldier/artists

What do you call a professional soldier?

Mercenary, a committed professional soldier who fights for any state or nation regardless of political interests or issues.

Who is the lead singer of travelin’ soldier Dixie Chicks?

This was the case with “Travelin’ Soldier”, composed by Texan singer-songwriter Bruce Robison. Robison had recorded the song himself in the 1990s to little fanfare, but he hit it big when the Chicks recorded it for their Home album in 2002. “Travelin’ Soldier” quickly climbed to the top of the country charts as a single.

Who is the lead singer of Natalie Maines’ Travelin Soldier?

Traveling soldier. A version of the song featuring Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Bruce Robison and Robison’s wife Kelly Willis appears on KGSR’s Broadcasts Vol. 13 albums. Aaron Lewis also recorded a duet cover of the song with his daughter Zoe on his 2016 album Sinner.

What was the meaning of the song travelin’ soldier?

The song is truly a mini-movie, and Robison’s visual lyrics still bring tears to many listeners’ eyes with this song. “Travelin’ Soldier” was more than just a well-written and moving piece of work.

How many Dixie Chicks songs have reached number one?

Of the Dixie Chicks’ 25 singles, six reached No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart: “There Your Trouble”, “Wide Open Spaces”, “You Were Mine”, “Cowboy Take Me Away”, “Without You”. , and “Traveling Soldier”. A seventh, a version of the Fleetwood Mac song “Landslide”, was also a number one hit on the Adult Contemporary chart.