Does DJI record your flights?

Does DJI record your flights?

In the DJI Flight Control app, this telemetry data is compiled into a per-flight log called “Flight Record”. This data is first generated in the drone and the remote control, and it is constantly transmitted to the mobile device connected to the remote control, which communicates with the drone.

How to Download DJI Flight Logs?

Download flight logs

  1. Turn on the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 drone and launch the DJI GO app.
  2. From the MC Settings menu, choose Advanced Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select Enter flight date mode.
  4. The DJI GO app will prompt you to connect the drone to a PC or Mac via USB cable.

How to export flight recordings or video cache files from DJI fly?

You can export cached videos through iTunes. Go to Media Device – Applications – DJI GO – Video Cache – and click Save. As for the flight recordings, connect the device to the computer, launch iTunes, find the flight recordings in the DJI GO app and copy the FlightRecord folder to the computer.

Where are DJI Flight Logs stored?

Flight records
Flight logs are stored in the “FlightRecords” folder. Take the whole file. Select the “FlightRecords” folder, scroll down and click the “Save” button.

Can I delete my DJI flight records?

In the app where you see your flight records. Drag the recording you want to delete to the left and you will see the Trash icon. Click the trash can icon. Faded away!

How do I download DJI Flight Logs to my Iphone?

How to get your DJI flight logs from your IOS device

  1. Open iTunes on your PC, click on the phone icon on the left side of the screen.
  2. Open the file sharing tab and select the correct DJI app.
  3. Select the “FlightRecords” folder and click “Save”

How do you delete DJI flight recordings?

Where to find the flight log file on DJI Go?

Start by connecting the device using iTunes. Then you can access the DJI GO app under the “File Sharing” view to find the FlightRecords folder. Once you have the .txt file, you are ready to geotag the video using our Video GeoTagger or LineVision apps, as shown in the video below:

Where are my synced flight recordings?

Make sure you are logged in to the Dji go app, navigate to flight records and tap the cloud sync icon. Choose all recordings and start syncing and it will download them all again. They are in the cloud, in Dji’s servers. Make sure you are logged into the Dji go app, fly r Thank you. It worked. This forum is a very good idea.

Where can I find flight logs on my phone?

There are two ways to get flight logs. If you connect your phone only to your PC, you can access Flight Record in the DJI folder. It’s a txt file that you can then upload to something like PhantomHelp.

How to Access Flight Logs in DJI Mavic?

To access your Mavic’s flight logs, you only need to connect your Mavic to the PC and use wizard 2 to access the logs. It can also help you. What version is your assistant? Please update to the latest DJI Assistant 2 v1.1.6 before exporting data. If playback does not start shortly, try restarting your device.